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Stepper precision at your fingertips repeater pipette ™ for Ecostep syringes bioproof syringes Highly comfortable pipette intended for reliable repeat dispensing within 10 to 5000 µL. Unique trigger action mechanism eliminates thumb fatigue. Selected materials offer outstanding shock resistance. Compact shape greatly limit internal instrument contamination. Large selection among 53 different volumes; up to 73 doses per filling. • 4-finger activation • Setting knobs bear clear indication of volumes and number of aliquots • Simple and quick operations • Three positive displacement Ecostep™ syringes, colour coded • Self-locking mechanism • Ecostep™ sterilized syringes in bioproof version

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precision at your fingertips Clear volume and aliquot readings Volume range 10 to 5000 µL Clear setting indication After inserting disposable syringe, select appropriate volume. Markings on selector buttons allow direct reading of set volume and corresponding number of aliquots. Fingertip activation User friendly 4-finger trigger action eliminates thumb fatigue during repeat dosing. Matching colour code on setting knobs and syringes Shock resistant and lightweight materials Compact and simple shape Self-locking mechanism prevents false delivery if liquid for the desired dose is...

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