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Intended Use MedDream VET is a web based DICOM Viewer for PACS server especially designed for veterinarians, which conveniently manages imaging, diagnosing, archiving, transmitting and connects all the medical data into one unified and fast performing network. This is a powerful software for searching, viewing and processing DICOM images, signals and video files on various devices: computers, smart phones, tablets and so forth. MedDream VET Viewer provides an interactive diagnostic interface with all required image processing features such as measurements, cine mode, study comparisons, etc....

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Radiology module MedDream VET DICOM Viewer has a rich radiology tool set, which includes regular tools as zoom, pan, windowing, magnifier and advanced tools: Mark area of interest with a polyline and measure its area; Measure Vertebral Heart Score/Scale to asses cardiac enlargement; Norberg angle measurement to evaluate canine hip dysplasia; To calibrate Image-Magnification caused by the distance of the object to the detector; Measurement of space between femur and tibia for planning TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement) treatment for cranial cruciate ligament-deficient stifle joints in dogs;...

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Cardiology (ECG) module MedDream VET provides not only standard image manipulation tools, but also a way to read, manipulate and interpret electrocardiography (ECG) data. ECG manipulation tools are all presented in an innovative zoom model which allows to zoom, measure and quantify the ECG data: Area calculation indicating beats per minute, time, millivolt (mV, s, bpm); QT interval - the RR interval is calculated as well as QT and the QTc (based on Bazett’s formula); Measure heart rate (HR) and compare its interval variance over the ECG; Measure the QRS electrical heart axis; Review...

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REPORT MODULE MedDream VET offers WEB based Reporting module using which vets can create DICOM Structured Reports online from anywhere in the world. Users may annotate images or studies with individual texts, keywords or attached documents. Complete annotation editing or printing of the study are available by clicking a button on the study header. Video module The module is used for search, review and analyse medical videos from ophthalmology devices, microscopes, echoscopes and other video sources. Video module is integrated into MedDream VET DICOM Viewer that allows to use PACS as medical...

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For ophthalmology or other visual spectrum images MedDream VET proposes a tool to digitally apply monochromatic filters for the primary colors as well as secondary to enhance the visual contrast of anatomical details. Telemedicine for veterinary DICOM Library telemedicine platform provides solution for store, archive, exchange and view of medical images. Telemedicine service makes possible to view images from central or local repository, order diagnostic services from other institutions, store, write, and print diagnostic reports. 1 •    2    3 UPlOAO    VIEW £ MAMACC    SMA&E ft*!*!, t-dl!...

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•• Prompt study loading: don‘t need a powerful server; •• Time savings; •• Flexible Licensing model; •• Mistakes elimination; •• Support all types of studies; •• Exact study will be performed on exact patient; •• Flexibility: •• Multi PACS support; •• Vendor neutral viewer; •• Custom development; •• Try before Buy. •• High quality images; •• Faster and better diagnosis; •• Higher work efficiency; •• Less service staff. Access Control For image distribution within the veterinary clinic user name and password protection are typically enough. To have a finer access control MedDream VET...

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The following describes a typical process how a MedDream gets installed in your institution. © Trial period with limited demo or trial license (45 days) A Initial requirements gathering for a specific Customer Purchase    Permanent    Support decision    license installation    by e-mail and updates Depending on each specific installation preliminary Hardware sizing information might slightly vary based on the modalities being used in the clinic. Minimum Hardware requirements for the MedDream VET Application Server: *Giga operations per second. **Input / Output operations per second. About...

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