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LESS IS MORE... EFFICIENT & POWERFUL SCREENER Easy Handling Easy to apply, pre-programmed or manual start which can run for up to 18h Proven Signal Quality Based on SOMNOtouch™ RESP -with flow/CPAP pressure/snore, Sp02, pulse rate, plethysmogram activity, effort, battery voltage, position and patient marker Pre-loaded montage and sleep report. Software with powerful auto analysis and tools for fast manual scoring Outstanding Cost/Benefit Ratio Be competitive whilst utilising the best respiratory sleep screener device - from the thought leaders in sleep diagnostics Small Compact Design Same footprint as a credit card, with built-in Li-ion battery, allowing unparalled comfort for the patient and ease of use for the clinic

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STAY CURRENT WITH FREE AUTOMATIC SOFTWARE UPDATES Simple easy to use interface     Easy to use for both practitioner and patient Quick start function – one standard montage Pre-configured report for helpful data processing Marker button to notify of interesting events ANALYSIS & REPORTS optional 2nd effort belt shown No thermistor needed Measure mouth breathers with our nasal-oral cannula. Then process the signal with our linearization algorithm for results that have the same sensitivity and specificity as a traditional thermistor1. 1 Diagnostic utility of a nasal-oral cannula with...

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