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Welcome to AXIS 5 Image Management Done Right

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Connec�vity Like No Other. Any Imaging Device. Easy integra�on of all your devices, from any manufacturer, for any imaging modality. If a device has an output, chances are it can be integrated with AXIS. Full Device Integra�on. AXIS is fully compliant with DICOM interoperability standards and can integrate any DICOM-compliant device, including using DICOM modality worklists. AXIS also can integrate non-DICOM devices to provide rich, meaningful data and imaging, regardless of device type. EHR System Interface. AXIS can be integrated with any EHR system via HL7 interface or other means,...

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Tools to Help Drive Clinical Decision-Making. AXIS offers unprecedented image review and analysis tools. Much more than merely displaying pdf or image files, AXIS uses all data available from devices to provide views and tools that are clinically useful in helping to diagnose, monitor, and educate. Just a few of the views and tools are highlighted below. Spectralis Review. Review all Spectralis scan Cirrus Review. Review all Cirrus OCT scan data, data, including segmentation and thickness data, including transverse and sagittal slice-by-slice slice-by-slice review, and comparisons of scans...

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Image Management That Grows with Your Prac�ce. Simple Deployment. Browser-based interface makes deployment to a new user as simple as se�ng up creden�als. Device- and browseragnos�c with no plug-ins required. Easy to Learn. Intui�ve interface and online Resource Center with quick-learn video tutorials mean minimal training required for new users. Imaging Devices Easily Added or Removed. Just network devices and contact our support team for fast integra�on of new devices. You only pay for the devices which are integrated. No Per User Fees. Have as many users as you would like. No need for...

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In Your Clinic or In the Cloud. Hosted or In the Cloud, Same AXIS. You get the same great func�onality and worldwide access to your images regardless of whether AXIS Server or AXIS Cloud is selected, allowing you to choose the op�on that is best suited for your prac�ce. AXIS Server. Use a virtual or physical server and storage hosted within your own IT infrastructure, providing the fastest access, full administra�ve control, and leveraging of your exis�ng resources. AXIS Cloud. U�lize the cloud to minimize need for IT infrastructure and maintenance, ensuring archiving and redundancies...

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Data Security. Flexible AXIS Server Implementa�on. Clients u�lizing AXIS Server fully control the IT environment, enabling placement behind exis�ng firewall, with back-up and redundancy strategies configured to their preferences, and access and controls limited as they see fit. Secure AXIS Cloud. Clients u�lizing AXIS Cloud are provided a secure environment, with strong controls, redundancies, and cer�fied SOC 2 compliance. LDAP Capable. Op�onal LDAP can be implemented to act as single sign-on, authen�ca�ng against established network creden�als. Mul�-Factor Authen�ca�on (MFA). Op�onal MFA can...

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Administrate with Ease. Visibility. See status of your system, including integrated devices, users, and physicians. View system usage from administrator dashboard and have ability to pull sql queries. User Management. Easily add or remove users with no addi�onal costs or intermediary steps required. Assign permission-based roles depending upon access need and op�onally set up LDAP creden�als. Flexibility. With AXIS, you are provided with a great deal of flexibility, including whether to use Cloud or server-hosted solu�on, importa�on method op�ons to best fit prac�ce needs, storage configura�on...

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Image Management Done Right. More Than Support… Partnership. We pride ourselves in providing excellent support and strive to be considered an extension of our clients’ organiza�on. We take responsibility upon ourselves to setup, integrate devices, and just plain make sure AXIS works, making your job easy. Predictable Low Costs. AXIS delivers excep�onal value, with transparent low costs independent of number of users, easy deployment and maintenance, and included support. Trust. AXIS has been a leading and cu�ng-edge provider of ophthalmic image management for over 10 years, with a mo�o to...

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