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VuMAX HD - 1

See Every DetailVuMAXHD L" Simply The Best.Period. “"Orr-noE;

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VuMAX HD - 2

Unparalled Image Quality. Hands down the gold standard in ophthalmic ultrasound. Unparalleled UBM and B-scan image quality with next genera�on electronic hardware, magne�c drive low-noise probes, op�mized and customizable scan se�ngs, peerless signal processing, and integrated Enhanced Focus Rendering™ so�ware, and large ultra high resolu�on screen allows you to capture both crisp s�ll images and record video that can be carefully reviewed frame-by-frame. Quan�ta�ve Angle Analysis. Accurately and consistently measure key parameters of the angle using the VuMAX HD UBM angle analysis tool....

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VuMAX HD - 3

Elegant. Intuitive. Exceptional. Elegant user interface provides useful tools that are intuitive, simple, and efficient to use. Time-saving features such as selectable patient database display to easily search and access archive exam records. Document scan orientation with the single click of a button. Replay videos in real-time, slow motion, or frame-by-frame. Super-impose A-scan trace, perform linear and angle measurements, and annotate onto B-scan and UBM images. Auto calculation of axial length average and standard deviation, nine IOL formulas, and lens database for biometric A-scan....

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VuMAX HD - 4

Ultrasound Probes Ultrasound Probe Scan Modes Sealed magne�c-drive B-probes with 12 MHz or 20 MHz B-probes with focused transducers Selectable scan se�ng profiles to op�mize image Scan Se�ngs quality, including presets for orbit, vitreous body, re�na surface, and deep re�na / choroid Scan Sampling 256-ray scan with 2048 sample points for each ray (> half-million sample points per transducer sweep) Fully adjustable �me-varied gain (TVG), baseline, Scan Controls log gain, and exponen�al gain (e-gain) Adjustable velocity (for eyes with silicone oil) Scan Posi�on Indicator One-click selec�on of...

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