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VuPad™ - 2

One system. Mul�ple op�ons. Choose from any combina�on of modali�es of A-scan, B-scan, UBM, and/or pachymetry Unparalled. Image quality. The be�er the image, the more accurate the diagnosis. Next genera�on electronic hardware, magne�c drive low-noise probes, op�mized and customizable scan se�ngs, peerless signal processing, and integrated Enhanced Focus Rendering™ so�ware provides superior B-scan and UBM image quality. Elegant. Excep�onal. Intui�ve graphic interface and mul�-touch screen, VuPad puts everything at your finger�ps. Compact ergonomic form factor, fully adjustable integrated...

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VuPad™ - 3

Preset scan modes, annota�on, measurement tools, and more Easily select video clips for each eye Large onscreen scan display area Intui�ve. Efficient workflow. Touch scroll through saved images Quickly discern scan orienta�on Play video clips and review frame-by-frame Built on secure Windows 10 OS pla�orm Quickly perform and review ultrasound exams with easy to use touch interface, preset scan modes to effortlessly op�mize image quality for area of interest, frame-by-frame review of up to 12 video clips, use of touch pinch zoom, and more. Insigh�ul. Unique features. Tools to help align,...

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VuPad™ - 4

Technical specifica�ons. B-Scan Ultrasound Probes Ultrasound Probe Scan Modes Sealed magne�c-drive B-probes with 12 MHz or 20 MHz B-probes with focused transducers Scan Se�ngs Selectable scan se�ng profiles to op�mize image quality, including presets for orbit, vitreous body, re�na surface, and deep re�na / choroid Scan Sampling 256-ray scan with 2048 sample points for each ray (> half-million sample points per transducer sweep) Scan Controls Fully adjustable �me-varied gain (TVG), baseline, log gain, and exponen�al gain (e-gain) Adjustable velocity (for eyes with silicone oil) Scan Posi�on...

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