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Barcode Expressions Connect. Share. Collaborate. Manual entry of patient information is time consuming and can leave room for error. Barcode Expressions from FUJIFILM SonoSite customizes your barcode reader to capture the data that matters most – as fast and accurately as possible. Uninterrupted workflow: With Barcode Expressions patient information and physician ID can be captured using the barcode scanner at any time during an ultrasound exam without interrupting the exam being performed. Patient arrives Exam link available from EMR and images sent to PACS Patient Information entered into Hospital Information System Patient information scanned from wristband and populated on ultrasound system Ultrasound exam performed at bedside Additional patient information pulled from worklist server We recognize that point-of-care ultrasound is more than collecting images at the bedside. At FUJIFILM SonoSite, medical informatics is an integral part of the entire ultrasound solution, so we offer a variety of data management options to meet your unique needs. Our dedicated team of FUJIFILM SonoSite Implementation Consultants works with you and your IT teams to understand your clinical workflow needs and ensure a smooth deployment.

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FUJiFILM Value from Innovation SonoSite Medical Informatics Barcode Expressions Highlights: • Uninterrupted, streamlined workflow • Fast, easy set up • Increased productivity • Improved patient safety • Suitable for linear and matrix barcodes Customization Customize the information your barcode scanner transfers to your ultrasound system from a patient wristband or physician ID: • First name • Middle name • Last name • Gender • Date of birth • Patient ID • Physician name or ID number Barcode Expressions enhances your connectivity solutions. • Auto populate data in the onboard patient...

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