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FUJIFILM Value from Innovation So noSite Synchronicity Centralized and standardizedultrasound exam data management OPTIMIZE WORKFLOW | MAXIMIZE FINANCIAL RETURN | IMPROVE QA EFFICIENCY | STREAMLINE CREDENTIALING

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STREAMLINING WORKFLOW AT THE POINT OF CARE No one becomes a physician because they enjoy administrative work. And yet many doctors spend half their working hours doing exactly that1. Maybe that’s why clerical work is cited as the biggest contributor to physician burnout2. SONOSITE SYNCHRONICITY WORKFLOW MANAGER ALLOWS FOR MORE TIME WITH PATIENTS, AND LESS TIME IN FRONT OF A SCREEN BY HELPING TO: But we know that for you, this job is about your patients. with standardized worksheets, designed by you The SonoSite Synchronicity™ workflow manager provides a seamless point-of-care solution to...

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OPTIMIZE WORKFLOW MORE PATIENT TIME, LESS SCREEN TIME ' SonoSite Synchronicity workflow manager is designed to be easy to use, so adoption time is short. The built-in, simple DICOM viewer has familiar workflow tools that can be used on a computer, tablet or mobile device to accomplish tasks anywhere, anytime. Reducing steps to complete an exam helps reduce time spent on administrative tasks. ®> Standardize workflows within a department, and hospital-wide, to increase efficiency • Complete reports the same way for each patient to improve consistency and reduce unnecessary steps SEE THE MOST...

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MAXIMIZE FINANCIAL RETURN MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR ULTRASOUND INVESTMENT The SonoSite Synchronicity workflow manager provides consistent clinical documentation to minimize billing errors, enforce compliance, and make point-of-care ultrasound reporting faster and easier. Configuring the built-in, billing-centric, worksheets to meet your department processes drives workflow and reporting standardization. <8 Improve exam reporting compliance to increase billing opportunities and revenue generation ® Reduce clerical tasks to improve productivity which means more time to spend with patients...

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EASE OF INSTALLATION Point-of-care ultrasound is more than collecting images at the bedside. Medical informatics is an integral part of the entire ultrasound solution. Our dedicated team of Implementation Consultants will work with you to understand your policies and processes, and to ensure a smooth deployment. Our support doesn't end when you purchase. From project scoping through installation and beyond, your Implementation Consultant will be with you every step of the way. Our Implementation Consultants offer: ® A single, dedicated contact from discovery to go-live • Project updates...

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SECURITY We recognize that unless our products meet the highest standards for security, they’re of no use in a complex medical environment. We work hard to build products and services you can trust and deploy with confidence. SonoSite Synchronicity workflow manager allows you to: eet HIPAA guidelines for protected health information M chieve higher security confidence through Active A Directory authentication rant or deny access based on specialty, department and G user profile ain access from any network connected device including G touch-based tablets and smartphones

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CONNECT. SHARE. COLLABORATE. In a healthcare world that is increasingly complex, we strive to create solutions that are brilliant in their ease of use. We remove barriers that hamper patient care, by eliminating unnecessary complexities and instilling confidence at the point of care. SonoSite Synchronicity workflow manager provides a comprehensive solution to administrative challenges faced by point-of-care ultrasound clinicians. Create and enforce better workflows within departments, or across an entire healthcare system, so providers can concentrate on what really matters— patient care....

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Optimize Workflow • Standardize workflow from single departments to entire healthcare networks for increased efficiency • Standardize reporting for each patient to improve productivity Intuitive Interface • Short adoption period means less time on administration and more time caring for patients • Optimized for use on a computer, tablet or mobile device • Dashboard view creates your 'to-do' list for you Ease of Installation • Dedicated project manager (Implementation Consultant) from discovery to go-live, for all project management needs • Frequent project updates with action items and...

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FUJEFILM Value from Innovation FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc., SonoSite Worldwide Offices 21919 30th Drive SE, FUJIFILM SonoSite Australasia Pty Ltd: Australia . . . . 1300 663 516 Bothell, Washington 98021-3904, FUJIFILM SonoSite Australasia Pty Ltd: New Zealand . . 0800 888 204 SONOSITE, the SONOSITE logo and SONOSITE SYNCHRONICITY are registered and unregistered trademarks of FUJIFILM SonoSite, Inc. in various jurisdictions. FUJIFILM is a trademark and registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation in various jurisdictions. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners....

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