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HVO-4000MT - 2

The HVO-4000MT is a 4K / 3D / 2D video recorder to record 4K video and still images from endoscopic or laparoscopic camera systems, surgical microscopes, and other compatible medical imaging systems. The recorded images can be included in patient records, and used for training and education purposes. This recorder is suitable for use in hospital operating rooms, medical imaging centers, surgical centers, clinics, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare environments. Key Features 4K Video Recording Recording crisply detailed 4K video at up to 3840 x 2160, this recorder offers an improvement...

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HVO-4000MT - 3

Video Recording Time* 4K Internal HDD (Physical capacity: 4 TB) Number of Recordable Still Images* 4096 x 2160 BMP/TIFF Internal HDD (Physical capacity: 4 TB) * These specifications may vary according to the recording image format or writing conditions. They are for reference only, and are not guaranteed. System Configuration DICOM (still images only) Endoscope Monitor Content Management System (CMS) CMDS-MS10MD/CMDS-MS20MD Surgical Camera CIFS Card reader/ Barcode Reader FS-24 Foot Switch RM-M010 Infrared Remote Control Unit Touch Panel Monitor Workflow Recording Operating theatre DICOM...

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HVO-4000MT - 4

Recording Features Recording Video Format Recording Audio Format Recording File Format Recording Media Input Resolution Recording Resolution Recording Bit Rate (4K) MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 LPCM, AAC LC XAVC S, MP4 Internal HDD (4TB), External USB Storage, Network (CIFS), DVD-R, BD-R/BD-R DL, BD-RE/BD-RE DL 4096 x 2160 3840 x 2160 1920 x 1080 (version 1.2.0 or later) 3840 x 2160 1920 x 1080 150Mbps (Best) 100Mbps (High) 60Mbps (Standard) 24Mbps (Best) 18Mbps (High) 12Mbps (Standard) Line by Line Top and Bottom Output Connectors Other Interfaces 3G-SDI (BNC type) (4), AUDIO (Stereo mini jack) (1),...

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