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4K and 3D imaging is becoming increasingly popular in today’s operating rooms. High-resolution 4K imaging and 3D imaging offer depth perception and spatial orientation, providing medical staff with a more realistic visualization of complex surgical procedures. Sony is proud to introduce 55-inch (model LMD-X550MT) and 31-inch (model LMD-X310MT) medical 4K monitors that can display very high quality 4K Ultra HD color video images in 3D and 2D. These monitors are designed for use with surgical endoscope/laparoscopic camera systems, surgical microscopes, and other compatible medical imaging...

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LMD-X550MT LMD-X310MT - 3

3D Features Various Display Formats in 3D Color Matching Function 3D/2D operating mode can be set via a display menu and is confirmed by an on-screen indicator. These models can display 3D signals in both HD and 4K, and SDI (3G), DVI, and HDMI terminals are available in 3D mode. The monitors offer various 4K/HD 3D signal display formats such as side-by-side, line-by-line, and top & bottom. Furthermore, dual stream is also available when accepting an HD 3D signal via SDI, which enables the monitor to connect with a wide range of equipment with 3D output. When displaying 3D images (when you...

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LMD-X550MT LMD-X310MT - 4

Picture Performance Panel a-Si TFT Active Matrix LCD 789.06 mm (31 1/8 inches) Pixel Efficiency Panel Technology Pixel pitch Resolution (H x V) Luminance (Panel Specification) 435 cd/m (Typical) Contrast Ratio Number of Gray scale Panel Frame Rate Viewing Angle (Panel Specification) 27° at a viewing distance more than 775 mm, crosstalk ratio less than 7% (typical) Vertical Viewing Angle (3D Mode) Picture Size (Diagonal) Effective Picture Size (H x V) 100/120 Hz 32° at a viewing distance more than 1,200 mm, crosstalk ratio less than 7% (typical) HDMI (x1) (HDCP 1.4 correspondence) DVI-D...

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