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The Smart Digital Imaging Platform This document is for NUCLeUS Version 3.6.

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NUCLeUS™: The Smart Digital Imaging Platform for Hospitals NUCLeUS offers a scalable, future-proof and vendor-neutral platform that streamlines the management and distribution of video content – plus still images and patient data – across an entire network. Investing in the NUCLeUS platform brings a host of revolutionary benefits, from enhanced training and education to cost-effective networked content management. Create an efficient, integrated imaging workflow Ensure data quality, availability and safety Create a future-proof, upgradable platform Enhance training and education...

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BENEFITS FOR CLINICIANS Images from endoscopes, surgical microscopes, room cameras and any other image source in the OR can be routed, recorded and viewed from anywhere across hospital-wide IP networks. This makes it easier for doctors and clinical staff to repurpose content for presentations and lectures. The end-to-end IP workflow solution allows surgeons in the OR to capture and share live high-resolution video and patient data with other doctors and medical students on the hospital campus and beyond. And delivery of the right package of key information (live, processed, and offline...

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The Smart Digital Imaging Platform Operation Room NUCLeUS OR PACS workstation Endoscope Fail-safe video cable Anaesthesia system Mobile C-arm Vendor-Neutral IP Platform and High Image Quality NUCLeUS is device-, format- and resolution-agnostic, handling video sources from legacy SD right through to 4K 3D from a wide range of modality manufacturers. • Video, audio, and associated patient information is distributed over secure IP connections. • Compatible with the vast majority of video standards and formats over a wide range of modalities such as endoscopes, ultrasound scanners, light...

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Image Sharing Locations MDT Room and Doctor's Office Lecture Hall Server Room Secondary Usage to Enhance Training and Education Achieve simultaneous recording of all OR video sources, in any combination of formats and resolutions. Audio recording is also possible. Reach outside the OR and share an accurate live stream of surgical interventions at conferences and lectures. • Centralized storage and easy secure access across the hospital network to data linked to the patient ID. • Streamed video and bidirectional audio enhance collaboration between clinicians in the OR and outside. • Shared...

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NUCLeUS Components NUCLeUS is a unique combination of a user-friendly software platform, low-footprint hardware units, and a powerful server backend. Switching and Routing NUCLeUS OR There is a lot of information to be handled within the OR, such as live video signals from an endoscope, ultrasound streams, PACS workstation data, and mobile C-arm modalities. NUCLeUS OR provides an integrated UI of the NUCLeUS system to support OR workflows. The platform includes many flexible visualization options such as switching to multiple monitors in full screen, picture-in-picture, or multi-split. This...

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Content Management Patient Distraction Content Management and Editing Selectable Patient-Friendly Atmosphere This is a safe and secure data management suite allowing recordings to be reviewed, edited and annotated. NUCLeUS introduces a unique feature – a simultaneous recording function. It provides convenient archiving of all patient and image data, while recordings can be seamlessly integrated with PACS, EPR, and HIS. The surgeon can record multiple sources at the same time and also can record audio with timecodes for the synchronization of video and audio. A web-based video editing tool...

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Related Products 27-inch Full HD Medical LCD Monitor 24-inch Full HD Medical LCD Monitor A4 Digital Color Printer BRAVIA® Professional Monitors** IP 4K*1 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with NDI® IP 4K*1 Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera with NDI® BRAVIA Professional 4K Color LED Display Available in various display sizes *1 Requires 4K optional license * This product is distributed to EU and US as a medical device and satisfies product safety standards (e.g. IEC 60601-1). ** This is non-medical product. For more details, please contact your nearest Sony sales office or an authorized dealer. ©2021 Sony...

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