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UP-991AD/UP-971AD - 1

UP-991AD/UP-971AD Hybrid Graphic Printers

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UP-991AD/UP-971AD - 2

The UP-991AD and UP-971AD are compact black and white printers designed for use with both analog and digital radiology imaging systems such as mobile C-arm, ultrasound, cardiac catheterization laboratory and other compatible medical imaging systems. These printers are successors to the popular Sony UP-990AD and UP-970AD of medical printers. Redesigned and upgraded, it offers several operational and ergonomic enhancements in addition to the smaller design from its predecessors. Usability is further enhanced by an enlarged LCD display panel and joystick for intuitive menu navigation. They...

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UP-991AD/UP-971AD - 3

Multi-picture Modes As well as printing a single picture, these printers also offer a choice of two-, four- and six-way split printing of images on a single sheet when connected to an analog video signal. The ‘Multi’ button on the front panel allows quick switching between ’Single-picture’ and ‘Multi-picture’ modes. With digital input signals, the printer can provide two or four split pictures on one sheet (NB: Multi button does not function with digital input). l Single-picture Mode Use Case (Examination Room) lMulti-picture Modes This all-in-one wireless printing solution also resolves...

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UP-991AD/UP-971AD - 4

Specifications UP-991AD Printing Method Resolution Gradations Picture Elements Direct thermal printing 325 dpi 8 bits (256 levels) processing Digital: 7680 x 2560 dots Video NTSC: 720 x 504 dots Video PAL: 720 x 604 dots DIGITAL: 600 x 200 mm (23 5/8 x 7 7/8 inch) (Max) VIDEO: STD NTSC: 182 x 144 mm PAL: 188 x 140 mm SIDE NTSC: 244 x 184 mm PAL: 244 x 183 mm Paper width of 210 mm (8 1/4 inches) Approx. 8 seconds/image (in standard mode) Digital: 2816 x 7680 x 8 bits Video: 6 frames (720 x 608 x 8 bits for one frame) USB terminal (type A) for USB flash drive (X1) – Hi-Speed USB (USB 2.0)...

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