UP-D711MD Digital Graphic Printer


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UP-D711MD Digital Graphic Printer

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Compact, Reliable and Economical New Medical Grade Thermal Printer Offers Printing Convenience to Your Portable System For over 20 years, Sony has been a trusted and reliable source of medical printers, offering high-quality printers with exceptional picture quality. Now, Sony is proud to introduce the UP-D711MD monochrome digital graphic printer to its reputable medical-grade printer line-up. The UP-D711MD is designed to be used in an ultrasound system, particularly when portability is important. The size of the printer is extremely compact, and it uses 84 mm (3 1/2 inch) width print paper...

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The UP-D711MD operates with a DC power source from 12 to 24 V. The printer is designed so that its power can be supplied directly from a medical system without requiring an AC outlet and AC adaptor. In addition, you can use an optional AC-81MD AC Adaptor if you want this printer to operate on AC power. As well as being compact, the printer is designed so its shape incorporates space for the cable connectors. This means you can fit the printer into space-limited environments, and keep all cable connections organized. Space-saving Compact Design The UP-D711MD has a space-saving compact design...

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SPECIFICATIONS UP-D711MD Printing Method Direct thermal printing 8 bits (256 levels) processing Picture Elements Paper Size UPP-84HG: 84 mm x 12.5 m (3 1/2 inch x 41 ft) UPP-84S: 84 mm x 13.5 m (3 1/2 inch x 44 ft 3 inch) Printing Time Approx 5 sec / 896 x 1,196 dots (High speed print mode) Approx 8 sec / 896 x 1,196 dots (Normal speed print mode) Picture Memory One full size image : 2,688 x 896 x 8 (bit) Printer Driver Software Power Requirements Input Current Operating Temperature Operating Humidity Storage and Transport Temperature Storage and Transport Humidity 140 × 70 × 125 mm (5 5/8...

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