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Temperature Control Range Temperature Control Stability Bath Volume Magnetic Stirrer Vortex Breaker Temperature Indication Display Temperature control range of -80 to 100 °C. Built-in magnetic stirrer and vortex breaker. Multi-functional temperature controller. Includes USB adapter, two (2) meter cable and software for plug and play operation. Note: Performance specifications are based on SP Scientific test data from units using methanol operating at an ambient room temperature of approximately 22 °C (72 °F). Liquid medium enhances temperature stability and uniformity. Computer Interface Mechanically refrigerated. Heat Removal* Maintains isothermal bath conditions. Provides accurate temperature control with temperature indication. Eliminates costs and hazards associated with expendable refrigerants. Permits complete control of the machine from a PC and allows for data logging Satisfies a wide range of applications. 3538 Main Street, Stone Ridge, NY 12484 USA 845.255.5000 800.431.8232 Fax: 845.687.7481 Note: All equipment configured with the 60 Hz option is supplied with a 5-15P NEMA configuration (i.e., ). All equipment configured with the 50 Hz option is sup

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Communication Kit, Solo Control A communication kit “p/n COMMKIT” is available for the MultiCool™. The kit includes a USB adapter, a two (2) meter cable and software. A PC with the Windows® 98, Windows® NT, Windows® XP, 32-bit Windows Vista®, or 32-bit Windows® 7 operating system is required for bridge and driver installation. Note: The communication kit will not work with a 64-bit Windows® operating system. Chamber Diameter Chamber Depth‡ Height to Work Surface Above Bench Top Fluid Selections Software For best stirring results, choose a fluid medium with kinematic viscosity of 20...

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