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ThermoJetes Precision Temperature Cycling System Overview ThermoJet Environment Simulator is a precision-controlled temperature forcing system that delivers an airstream of up to 20 SCFM to rapidly change the temperature of a product or Device Under Test (DUT). ThermoJet es delivers efficient electronic control and maximizes productivity. Improve Test Productivity by 20 - 30% ThermoJet provides temperature transition speeds unmatched in the industry, and can sustain air cooling temperatures of –80°C at 20 SCFM. ThermoJet Highlights • The only temperature forcing system that maintains -80°C at 20 SCFM (full range +350°C to -80°C) to deliver faster testing. • Our air coolers deliver true extended low temp testing so your devices (even large ones) get to lower temperatures faster and stay there longer. • DualCool™Cascade refrigeration system reliably delivers vigorous temperature cycling, even in a 24/7 operating environment. • Portable space-saving touchscreen controller. • Compact footprint (21” x 27”) and caster-mounted for mobility. • Cycle from +125°C to -55°C / -55°C to +125°C in less than 10 save time. Key Features Control temperature from - 80°C to +225°C Flow rate of up to 20 SCFM ±0.5°C temperature stability Enhanced digital temperature control Utilizes off-the-shelf refrigerants Highest heat removal capacity in the industry Compact footprint smallest on market CE compliant Removable touch screen interface 3538 Main Street, Stone Ridge, NY 12484 USA ♦ Phone: 845-255-5000

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ThermoJetes Specifications Additional Features: • Save & trend data with our USB stick data logging feature • Enhanced nozzle design allows for device testing at greater pressures. Devices may operate at pressures up to 70 PSI • Effortlessly adjust the height of the arm with a click of a button. Our improved Motorized Arm allows for precise adjustment from the touch screen • Save on utility costs with the updated energyefficient software • Utilizes CFC and HCFC free refrigerants • External thermocouple with auto-tuning for convenient temperature control and monitoring of DUT • LabView...

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