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Versatility and Performance The DM4 monitor combines the simple performance of a spot-check monitor with the sophistication of continuous monitoring, providing caregivers with a versatile solution for accurately and efficiently monitoring basic vital signs on adult, pediatric, and neonate patients. Designed for bedside and portable use, you can select the configuration that best meets the monitoring needs of patients and care units. Imagine the convenience of being able to adapt to changes in patient condition without having to locate additional equipment. In spot-check mode, the DM4...

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Clinical Capabilities The DM4 supports measurement of SpO2, pulse rate, NIBP and temperature (optional), and can be used in any patient care environment where basic vital signs monitoring is needed. With a choice of spot-check or continuous monitoring modes, it is ideally suited for use in low-acuity or general care departments as well as urgent care and same-day surgery centers. SpO2 • Choice of Masimo® or Nellcor® SpO2 technology • Continuous waveform display NIBP • Multiple measurement modes: • Single episodic • STAT • Interval (q minute) Pulse Rate • Automatically sourced from Sp02 •...

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A Quick Look at the DM4 Monitor. Simply Versatile. • Dual-mode functionality – spot-check and continuous monitoring modes • Clinical Parameters: SpO2, pulse rate, NIBP and temperature • Stores up to 1,000 measurement records in spot-check mode and up to 72 hours of trends in continuous mode • Nurse Call Systems Interface • Inbound ADT and Outbound HL7 Vital Signs Interfaces • Barcode scanning for automated entry of patient ID • Wireless (optional) Connectivity • Battery Life / Recharge Time: 12 hours / 8 hours (fully depleted • Display Size: 17.8 cm (7.0 in) diagonal • Dimensions: 19.4 x...

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