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Intesys® Clinical Suite Because Lives Depend on You

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Intesys® Clinical Suite (ICS) Improve efficiency, functionality and the flow of clinical information with Intesys Clinical Suite (ICS). Our clinical system carries vital information to clinicians across services and sites. ICS can also deliver clinical information to your desktop PC and mobile devices. Working seamlessly with your systems (EMR), ICS can supply both numeric and waveform data. Clinical Access waveform review Retrospective review of vital signs and waveforms from patient monitors. Review event-based full disclosure with Holter-like analysis. Create custom trends to show the...

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Complete Alarm History With a simple touch of a button, you can retrospectively review alarm events in both thumbnail and strip format. You can even go back in time to see what preceded the alarmed event and how the patient recovered. Smart Disclosure Custom Trends Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) Interface Network Printing Vital Signs Viewer This sophisticated application, part of the ICS suite, essentially creates a patient monitoring system without walls. With patient information available on any networked PC, it means that caregivers can see retrospective waveforms from another...

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Xhibit Central Station All of the ICS applications mentioned above can be viewed on a dedicated Xhibit display. Access up to 72 hours of patient information and get a complete picture of the patient’s cardiac health by touching the patient’s waveform zone and opening Clinical Access. XC48 includes remote centralized monitoring and alarm management for up to 48 patients. Easily adjust how patients are viewed on each display and the acuity of their monitoring with highly customizable views. Quickly identify the patient’s alarm history and severity at a glance with both visutals and audible...

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