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Lifecard CF Lifecard CF has a number of features that makes for a flexible recorder to meet all of you diagnostic ECG needs. From patient compliant 3 lead cables with comfortable lanyard wearing solutions capable of recording ECG over 7 days, to a full 10-Lead cable offering 12-Lead ECG recordings. Practical, modular Holter Lifecard CF is quick to hook up to a patient and practical in use. Rugged and splash-proof rated to IP22*, Lifecard CF is designed to cope with the challenging environment of use with ambulatory patients. Comfortable patients = better recordings Lifecard CF’s patented...

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Lifecard CF Pacemaker Spike Detection Lifecard CF has a sensitive pacemaker detection circuit with excellent noise rejection that operates continuously, with performance better than 10,000 Hz sampled pacemaker detection methods. On-board ECG Display Lifecard CF has a built in ECG display that allows you to monitor the ECG during hook up. It even marks when it has detected each atrial and ventricular pacing spike so you can optimize lead placement. Voice recording Lifecard CF’s built in voice recording capability can be used as a secondary means to identify the patient. High resolution...

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Lifecard CF 12 Channel Holter Using the Varios active 10 lead yoke and a 256MB card, Lifecard CF converts into a 12 channel recorder. This modular approach adds 24 hour 12-Lead ECG functionality to any Lifecard CF recorder. 12-Lead Holter provides a number of benefits to clinicians in helping to diagnose complex arrhythmias and ST changes over multiple leads. Lifecard CF provides the optimal Holter bandwidth ECG by the use of advanced technology: • 10 electrode patient cable to give true 12-Lead ECG results as opposed to derived results. • 4096 Hz sampled ECG per lead • 0.6 μV digitization...

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Lifecard CF provides a flexible and comprehensive solution to all your ambulatory ECG recording needs. Flexible workflow, good patient compliance, 7 day recording and 12-Lead ECG in one device!

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