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tigas Modu Summary The 92518 Multigas Module monitors gas concentrations and alerts clinical personnel when the concentration of anesthetic agents, oxygen, carbon dioxide, or nitrous oxide falls outside of defined limits. The anesthetic agent being administered is automatically identified. Measurement of Respiration Up to two agents may be simultaneously detected; inspired and expired values Rate, Carbon for halothane (HAL), isoflurane (ISO), enflurane (ENF), sevoflurane (SEV), Dioxide,Oxygen, Nitrous desflurane (DES); inspired and expired values for N2O and O2; inspired CO2 (I Oxide, and Anesthetic CO2) and end tidal CO2 (EtCO2) Automatic Features Identification of agents; pressure and temperature compensation Suspend Mode Allows module to remain warmed up between cases while sampling is turned MAC/AGEMAC Values Automatic MAC value calculation and AGEMAC adjustment based on patient age Paramagnetic Oxygen Oxygen concentration is measured using a paramagnetic oxygen sensor Sensor Note: Module use is restricted to one patient at a time. Product Specifications Physical Dimensions Carbon Dioxide

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Measurement Rise Time <250 msec typically Values I CO2, EtCO2, and instantaneous CO2 Gas Gross Effect <0.2% (O2, N2O, anesthetic agents) Notes: • mmHg values for CO2 are based on an ambient barometric pressure of 760 mmHg • Helium typically decreases CO2 readings by <0.6 vol% Oxygen FiO2 and ETCO2 are displayed after one breath and have a continuously updated breath average. ET will typically decrease below nominal value (ETnom) when respiration rate (RR) exceeds the RR threshold (RRth) according to the following formulas: • CO2: ET=ETnom x 70RR for RRth >70 • HAL: ET=ETnom x...

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Multigas Module 92518 - 3

tigas Modu Values Inspired agents (I HAL, I ENF, I ISO, I SEV, I DES) and expired agents (E HAL, E Agent Identification Identification Threshold 0.15 vol% typical Identification Time <20 seconds (for pure agents) Identification Threshold for 0.2 vol% +10% of total concentration Accuracy Depends on accuracy of expired N2O and expired anesthetic agent readings AGEMAC Determined by the age and body temperature of the patient; if more than one temperature value is available, the higher value is used Accuracy Depends on accuracy of expired N2O and expired anesthetic agent...

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tigas Modu EN 60601-1, Class I Type CF defibrillator proof; device is not affected by patient defibrillation. Rated for continuous operation CISPR11, Group 1, Class B Suitable for use in establishments connected to a low-voltage supply network, which supplies building used for domestic purposes. Electrical Specifications N/A (Module using host power only) Certifications ASTM 1456, 1462, 1463; ISO 11196 (in lieu of ASTM 1452); CSA Z168-6, Z9918. Environmental Requirements Storage Temperature -40° to 70° C (-40° to 158° F) Humidity 95% (non-condensing) relative humidity (RH)...

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Regulatory Approvals CSA certified. Meets IEC 60601-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 60601-1, and ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1 for electrical safety, and ISO 80601-2-55 for respiratory gas monitors. CE marked in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC. Does not contain hazardous substances — Europe Does not contain hazardous substances — China Please refer to for a full listing of Spacelabs Healthcare trademarks. Other brands and product names used herein are trademarks of their respective owners. 35301 SE Center Street, Snoqualmie, WA...

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