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CARDIOLOGY INFORMATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Getting you to the Heart of the matter

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Cardiology Information Management System The Sentinel Cardiology Information Management System is a powerful, scalable solution for all your diagnostic cardiology needs. Sentinel is designed to work for you by fully integrating recordings, results, and reports into one central networked location for efficient review. Sentinel software is highly configurable and because it is web-based, reports can be easily viewed remotely, saving time, and providing flexibility in clinical use. Critical Information at your fingertips Sentinel’s web-based architecture and mobile platform support provides...

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Scalability from... Web-Based Network Remote and mobile devices can access Sentinel from any location that has a web connection. HOSPITAL NETWORK REMOTE SITE MOBILE DEVICES

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Easy Control of Your Workflow Sentinel simplifies the management of data and devices, consolidating multiple disparate systems into one user interface that can be adapted to your needs, helping to simplify analysis, reduce training requirements, and streamline workflow. Most importantly, Sentinel lets you work the way you want to, improving your day-to-day efficiency and providing more time for patients. Enhanced workflows allow the user to: • Manage multiple devices and modules through one application. • Utilize ‘Test Centric’ workflows to manage all activities in one screen, with minimal...

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Cybersecurity for client and workstations Sentinel allows customers to use Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) to secure their Sentinel databases at rest. “Securing databases at rest” means ensuring that the data stored in the Sentinel SQL Server databases is encrypted. This ensures that if an unauthorized person gains access to these files, or database backups created from them, they would not gain access to sensitive data. TDE is a technology that offers encryption solving the problem of protecting data at rest, encrypting databases both on the hard drive and consequently on backup media....

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SCALABLE WEB-BASED FLEXIBLE CONNECTIVITY • Download recordings from multiple workstations, including remote locations, into a central server. • Integrate Resting ECGs from Spacelabs CardioExpress, and the raw data from numerous other manufacturers. • Configure the user interface to support your workflow, coordinate procedures and increase clinical efficiency. • Batch review, analyze and compare 12/15/18-Lead ECGs at any Sentinel network workstation, via the web, or on mobile devices. • View reports online remotely via an Internet browser, saving time and enabling easy access to critical...

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