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Summary The Sv02/Scv02 module measures venous oxygen saturation (Sv02) and central venous oxygen saturation (Scv02) providing a status indicator of the oxygen transport system in critically ill patients. Continuous Sv02/Scv02 monitoring can reduce the frequency of additional invasive measurements and enhance the ; ^ timeliness of intervention in critically ill patients. V ' KH

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Alarms High and low mixed venous oxygen saturation values or central venous oxygen saturation values and abnormal light intensities Oxygenation Calculations Performs and stores oxygenation calculations, including avDO2, CaO2, CvO2, Input Values for Calculations and their Ranges PaO2 (primary source) Classification EN 60601-1 Type CF Applied Part Not suitable for use with flammable gases Designed for continuous operation Dimensions Height 11.2 cm (4.4 inches) Battery Backup Provided by the monitor

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Altitude 0 to 12,192 meters (0 to 40,000 feet) Altitude 0 to 3,000 meters (0 to 9,843 feet) Electromagnetic Compatibility EN 60601-1-2: 2001 Emissions Accessories The Spacelabs Healthcare SvO2/ScvO2 module requires the use of an ICU Medical (formerly Hospira) optical module (OPMOD versions 50131-05/-07/-09) and venous oximetry catheter or probe. OPMOD, SVO2/SCVO2 OPTICAL MODULE, 91424 (P/N 690-0263-02) Not available for sale in North America. Within North America, OPMOD and accessories must be acquired directly from ICU Medical. Contact ICU Medical ( for more information....

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Regulatory Approvals Certified by CSA. CSA certified. Meets IEC 60601-1, CSA C22.2 No. 601.1, and UL 60601-1. CE marked in accordance with the Medical Device Directive, 93/42/EEC. EN 60601-1, safety; EN 60601-1-2, EMC. Does not contain hazardous substances - Europe Does not contain hazardous substances - China Please refer to for a full listing of Spacelabs Healthcare trademarks. Other brands and product names used herein are trademarks of their respective owners. 35301 SE Center Street, Snoqualmie, WA 98065 | T +1 425 396 3300 | +1...

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