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Spengler presents its 2020 diagnosis guide. Benefiting from over 112 years experience, Spengler tools are recognised for their performance levels. This year is exceptional due to the merger of Spengler and Holtex to create the Spengler Holtex group. This new international class group has made it possible for Spengler to have new ambitions. This merger means that Holtex has become the official Spengler distributor.

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SPENGLER, SINCE 1907 SPENGLER's history is inextricably linked to the innovative and visionary spirit of Emile Spengler, its founder. In the early 1900s, Emile Spengler, a renowned industrialist with a particular interest in medicine, joined forces with influential 20th century French cardiologists, professors Henri Vaquez and Charles Laubry, in developing a new device for measuring blood pressure. In Paris in 1907 they managed to develop the sphygmomanometer and to revolutionise medical diagnostics, taking it into a new era and offering unprecedented precision and performance. Even today,...

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QUALITY: THE HEART OF SPENGLER'S REQUIREMENTS Besides our ISO 13485 certification, Spengler adopts a quality-focused approach at all levels of the company. By applying this approach to our day-to-day work, our ambition is to foster trust among our clients and to win over new customers. With this in mind, we pay close attention to customer feedback, taking it into account during each product review. In the context of this ongoing improvement, Spengler is investing the necessary resources to ensure that its medical devices meet the requirements of European Directive 93/42/EEC. ISO 13485

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2020, THE BIRTH OF A GROUP Initiated in 2019 and materialised by a geographical relocation in December of the same year, the purpose of this merger is to create an ambitious group that looks to the future and is capable of meeting the challenges of our changing markets. Symbolised by this signature that respects both our companies, the objective of the SPENGLER HOLTEX group is to strengthen both brands individually. INVENTING THE MEDICINE OF THE FUTURE Innovation is part of the SPENGLER DNA. Ever since 1907 and the invention of the tensiometer, SPENGLER has been innovating and pushing back...

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THE SPENGLER INSTITUTE THE SPENGLER INSTITUTE IN 2020: It enables discussion and research in collaboration with a group of professional composed of doctors, specialists, nurses, students to work on the diagnostic tools of tomorrow. A partnership has been created between Spengler and the FRHTA (Foundation for Research on Arterial Hypertension), represented by the president of the foundation, Professor Xavier Girerd, a cardiologist at Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital. Together, we imagine the designs for the instruments of the future, which will provide health professionals involved in screening...

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THE SPENGLER LAB With the support of the SPENGLER INSTITUTE and starting from usage studies, the SPENGLER LAB brings together demanding and passionate professionals from selected disciplines (Acousticians, Designers, Programmers etc.). The purpose is clear: to implement the ideas of health professionals by combining cutting-edge technologies to provide exceptional performance. TWO EXAMPLES OF PARTNERSHIPS: STETHOSCOPES PROJECT Launched several months ago, the development of our new range of stethoscopes was led by engineers from the École Centrale, as well as the acoustics laboratory in...

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SPHYGMOMANOMETERS CHOICE AID CHART Vaquez Laubry Classic Vaquez Laubry Nano Lian Classic Lian Métal Lian Nano Oxford Nylon Oxford Nylon Velcro & straps Type Tubing Cuff Fastening Colours Patients Guarantee Cardiologist General practitioner Junior doctor Paediatrician Teacher Nurse Paramedic KEY: Adult Suitable choice R ecommended choice Child Neonate

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LIFE LINK® TUBING The new "LIFE LINK®" tubing allows to change cuff in less than a second thanks to its magnetic connectors. Choose the cuff fitted to the patient's morphology and increase accuracy. • ACCURACY Spengler leads the fight by building awareness among health professionals to use cuffs fitted to the patient’s morphology. The size of the cuff directly impact the quality of the reading. It is essential that the cuff is perfectly fit to each morphology. - a cuff too narrow will overestimate the arterial pressure. - a cuff too large will underestimate the blood pressure of the...

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AMBIDEXTROUS Specially designed to be ambidextrous, choose your configuration and change the position of the decompression valve, the connector "LIFE LINK®" and the spoon. PRECISION VALVE MOBI is equipped with a decompression valve made of a high sensibility metal alloy designed to provide high precision deflation.

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SHOCK RESISTANT ERGO PUMP Due to its ABS plastic construction, MOBI is specially designed to offer great resistance to shocks and falls from everyday life. The ergonomic bulb is suitable for all types of hands and offers an extra volume of 11% compared to traditional bulbs. SPENGLER 2020 DIAGNOSIS & MEASUREMENT

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The smartest thing that has happened to sphygmomanometers since we invented them. Mobi Black carbon Ref. 513 702 Mobi Powdery pink Ref. 513 703 VERY ACCURATE MEASUREMENTS SHOCK RESISTANT • High precision "clockwork" mechanism • "High sensitivity" decompression valve • New "Easy cuff" making it possible to better read the size index • D shield system that isolates the mechanism using a hermetic 3 triple skin OPTION COMFORT • PENGLER Velcro closure, the perfect mix between stability S and practicality • Life Link tubing for a 1-click cuff change • New ergonomic pump • Ambidextrous • cuff...

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