crystallographers favourite liquid handlers


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crystallographers favourite liquid handlers

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The automation of protein crystallography screening has made a significant contribution to the rapid expansion of crystallography-based structural biology. Automated liquid handlers such as mosquito® crystal and mosquito® LCP improve the accuracy, reproducibility and throughput of protein crystallography screens, reducing labour intensive plate preparation for screening, optimisation and scale up as well as eliminating manual pipetting errors. All our mosquito systems offer: ■ range of low volumes - robust performance from microlitres to nanolitres ■ accurate and precise - using...

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dragonfly® crystal screen optimisation optimised dragonfly® crystal enhances protein crystal screen optimisation. dragonfly® crystal is the ideal system to complement SPT Labtech’s mosquito® in the protein crystallisation workflow. Once the initial crystal ‘hits’ are identified, dragonfly crystal produces a set of optimised conditions to grow better diffracting crystals. ■ no liquid classification - making set-up quick and easy ■ flexible automation - dispense any volume from 0.5 pL upwards to 4 mL, into any well, from any syringe. Independent control of each channel ■ fast - rapid...

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positive displacement pipetting: As a protein crystallographer you want to be safe in the knowledge that the wide range of viscosities regularly encountered is handled and dispensed accurately and repeatably every time without liquid classification. true positive displacement pipetting of an optimsation gradient with dragonfly - how it works The difficulties of pipetting accurately at low volumes are well known, as are issues associated with handling viscous liquids. Our innovative technology development team have overcome these with the novel use of positive displacement dispensing from...

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mosquito® crystal mosquito® LCP dragonfly® crystal applications protein crystallography set-ups e.g. additive screening, microseeding, microbatch, bicelles lipidic cubic phase (LCP) screening plus all the functionality of mosquito crystal protein crystal optimisation and assay development without contamination or liquid classification primary SBS 48, 96, 384 plate format optional active humidity active humidity MXone automated extras chamber chamber, LCP mixer in-well mixer < 2 mins/ 96-well plate, 4 mins/ 288 drops 2 mins/ 96 drop plate for vapour diffusion 5 mins/ 96 drop LCP plate 4-6...

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