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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage


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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 1

Flexible endoscope automated reprocessing system Safe, efficient and user friendly solutions for reprocessing flexible endoscopes in busy departments

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 2

Driven by customer needs Steelco is a leading infection control solution provider, supplying the healthcare, laboratory research and pharma sectors. Active in over 90 countries, Steelco has equipped numerous world renowned hospitals and counts among its customers household names in the laboratory, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors. Automated assistance in manual cleaning Automated endoscope reprocessing Traceability solutions Workflow solutions Steelco Endoscope Washers are designed and constructed to comply with the latest European Standard EN ISO 15883-1/4, drying cabinets are in...

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 3

The new standard for maximum safety in endoscope reprocessing Working in close collaboration with leading endoscope reprocessing centres, Steelco developed the ARES sytem to best meet the current and future needs of clinicians. To maximize efficiency whilst decreasing the risk of cross contamination Fast processes To minimize the time between endoscope use, cleaning and storage Fully compliant with the standards Designed to comply with latest standards and traceability functionality Ergonomic and user friendly Created around operators to assist them in their daily work routines Different...

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 4

Complete solutions The first step of providing the right solution is understanding individual customer needs and offering the best solution based on current and future workflow and workloads. EPW 100 Automated system to assist manual cleaning Page 8 EW 2, EW 2 3S Automated endoscope reprocessors for different size departments Page 10

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 5

C256 Safe transport solutions for endoscopes and accessories Page 13 ED 200, ED 250 Aseptic vertical and horizontal endoscope storage Page 14

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 6

Process Traceability Level 1 Paper cycle record keeping Level 2 SteelcoData • Electronic cycle record keeping Level 3 SteelcoData ARES • Electronic cycle record keeping • Full traceability system Manual cleaning Technical service Legend: Information communication and process control Total digital monitoring of all cycle phases Elapsed time Internal messages Digital communication Process flow Print flow Archiving

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 7

Steelco equipment can be configured to provide data to the level required by customers for monitoring the reprocessing of flexible endoscopes Key functions: Printed cycle verification Key functions: - Printed cycle verification - Remote online equipment monitoring Key functions: Remote online equipment monitoring: 15:46 Traceability information Records of manual cleaning instrument recognition operator patient clinician Manual cleaning: instrument operator leak testing Automated reprocessing: endoscope recognition correct connection pressure leak cycle monitoring pressure monitoring flow...

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 8

Automated system to support manual cleaning EPW assists operators during manual cleaning phase by leak testing endoscopes, flushing and rinsing channels, eliminating the risk of stress induced injuries and providing a permanent record of the process that can be printed, transfered to a USB stick or integrated into SteelcoData ARES. Leak testing Elimination of repetitive strain injury risk of flushing and rinsing with a syringe Identification of operator and endoscope using barcode Traceability of critical parameters of manual cleaning process Organic residue testing facility Automatic...

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 9

Main functions: Channels connections for instrument flushing Detergent dosing connection Detergent inlet connection Instrument and operator identification through bar code reader. Friendly HMI. Leakage test connection USB connection Built in printer for cycle traceability Sinks and furniture for manual cleaning Different sized sinks and furniture specifically designed to assist manual cleaning are available.

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 10

Flexible endoscope reprocessors Steelco AERs have been designed to fully comply with ISO 15883 standard regarding low temperature washing and high level disinfection of flexible endoscopes. Individual channel monitoring for pressure and flow according to individual scope parameters to achieve correct cleaning and disinfection. Available in single or pass through double door versions for the rapid reprocessing in under 30 minutes of either 2 or 3 flexible endoscopes or up to 9 bronchoscopes. Ergonomic instrument connectivity and integrated transport solutions simplify operator handling. Low...

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 11

Capacity - 2 scopes Dedicated wash carts for 2 flexible endoscopes or 4 video bronchoscopes or 8 fiberscopes/cystoscopes Easy loading Slide and rotate design for easy connection of channels even in tight workspaces Loading on transport trolley Endoscope sleeve holder To maximize contact between external endoscope surface and chemistries Capacity - 3 scopes Universal wash carts for 3 flexible endoscopes or 9 videobronchoscopes, fiberscopes or cystoscopes Workflow optimization Dedicated mesh trays are compatible with Steelco ED series of drying cabinets Easy Loading Sliding drawers allows...

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 12

Complete workflow solutions Steelco offers complete workflow solutions for different department sizes and layouts, to maximize efficiency and safety Horizontal storage on mesh trays C256 Stainless steel transport cart For the transport of up to 4 endoscope containers or up to 6 stainless steel trays and storage of white and red endoscope bags. Top can be used as work surface. A version with frontal door is also available. Vertical storage Horizontal storage in cassettes

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ARES - flexible endoscope reprocessing and storage - 13

ARES: accessories Safe Case Safe Case enables reprocessing in accordance with ISO 15883 standards of 2 TEE probes in the EW2 endoscope reprocessor and 3 units in the EW2-3S on dedicated wash carts. The electronic control unit and connection cable are protected in a hermetically sealed case, whilst the distal tube that requires washing and high level non-thermal disinfection is exposed. Adaptors and Connectors To ensure connection compatibility with numerous different scopes from leading manufacturers, Steelco offers a connection guide and range of different adaptors and connectors so that...

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