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Steelco Academy Training for success

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world class training in world class facilities from a leader in Infection Control Steelco is a leading infection control solution provider, supplying the healthcare, laboratory research and pharma sectors. Active in over 100 countries, Steelco has equipped numerous world renown hospitals and counts among its customers household names in the laboratory, pharmaceutical, and industrial sectors. Driven by customer feedback, Steelco develops, manufactures and supplies solutions that maximize infection control safety, optimize processes and minimize costs. Our focus on innovation has led us to...

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Steelco Academy specialist training facility Steelco offers training courses at it’s specialist training facility in Riese Pio X (Treviso) near Venice in Italy on a wide number of topics that are focused on: Standards and work practices Technical service training Training is provided through a combination of Steelco’s own subject matter experts as well as independent recognized industry key opinion leaders and trainers. Steelco prides itself on the quality of it’s courses contents that includes both classroom and hands on usage of equipment with a number of courses accredited by...

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Learning path with you every step of the way Pre-reading materials, training manuals and assessment tests are available on the Steelco website for all the registered participants. ARES PLATFORM & MICROBIOLOGICAL AND ENDOSCOPE ARCHITECTURE BACKGROUND gastrointestinal ucous membranes. in 1939 contact with m (Philadelphia) of Temple University on a classification of Microbiologist based Dr.Earle Spaulding for sterilization/disinfection” l proposed "a strategy and Internationa devices. in National medical reusable is ...

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Subject matter courses from basic principles to designing a new facility Introduction to instrument and endoscope reprocessing Suitable as a subject matter introduction or for those wishing to refresh their knowledge: applicable standards applicable standards steam sterilization principles sterilizers and their cycles invasive and non invasive instruments process monitoring overview on department planning CSSD and or endoscope department layout For architects, equipment planners or those wishing to refurbish an existing or plan a new facility. applicable standards manual cleaning and...

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Subject matter courses from basic principles to designing of a new facility Flexible endoscope reprocessing 2 day course the need for manual cleaning and high level disinfection review of the applicable sections of ISO 15883 design of flexible endoscopes and the decontamination challenges they create best practice and equipment to assist operators in manual cleaning microbiology testing, ensuring safety for those handling scopes and patients responsibility and expertise in endoscopy principles and use of the ARES range of flexible endoscope reprocessors with interactive attendee...

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Operator and technical courses how to get the best performance for your Steelco equipment Equipment user courses Chemistries and process monitoring products These courses cover user training for new or previously purchased Steelco equipment and are designed for those that will be operating equipment. Courses can be held at either Steelco or customer premises. Optimal outcomes are achieved using the most appropriate consumables with equipment and monitoring processes. Day 1: analysis of which chemistries to use for thermal or chemical disinfection as part of manual and automated cleaning...

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ARES - flexible endoscope automated reprocessing system Steam sterilizing autoclaves Washer disinfectors for central of sterilization departments Dental washer disinfectors Flusher disinfectors Laboratory glassware washer disinfectors Washing and sterilizing systems for lifescience and pharmaceutical applications STEELCO S.p.A. Via Balegante, 27 - 31039 Riese Pio X (TV) - Italy Ph. +39 0423 7561 - Fax +39 0423 755528 e-mail: STEELCO HUNGARY STEELCO ASIA 999 Stinson Way - Unit 307 West Palm Beach, FL 33411 USA Ph. +1 561 791 8313 Fax +1 561 791 8213 e-mail:...

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