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Pharmaceutical washing systems


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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 1

Pharmaceutical washing systems

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 3

High performance and production capacity for pharmaceutical industry The needs of the pharmaceutical field are focused to reach the highest level of performance and production capacity within the very high industrial security standards in order to minimize the risk of contamination. Steelco answers to these needs with a large range of washing systems and is able to support the pharmaceutical company from the system design to the customization of accessories, installation design, validation, support and maintenance. Steelco develops customized solutions thanks to a system based on compatible...

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 4

Design, construction and performance for all pharmaceutical needs The washing and drying solutions for the pharmaceutical field are precisely addressed to the critical/validated cleaning, disinfection and drying of components used in manufacturing drugs: - Glassware - Filling line components and tools - Tubing, TC fittings - Valve and pump bodies, filter housings - Reactor vessels and diverse equipment - Bulk containers, tanks and carboys The pharma machines are available as single door or passthrough double door version with the purpose of satisfying the layout and workflow needs and are...

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 5

Special features • Single or double door versions with vertical or horizontal sliding doors to reduce the need of space • HST tempered glass doors for visual inspection and for heat and noise insulation • Cross contamination barriers to prevent clean area contamination and excessive air loss • Drying system with two independent channels for chamber and load. (LC80 PHARMA) • HEPA filters. • Smooth and completely drainable surfaces, orbital welding, L/D Ratio of <4, chamber and piping slopes >2% • Powerful sanitary main pump • Low power and consumption • Choice for automation systems: Siemens...

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 6

Barriers and Installation > The single or dual cross contamination barriers facilitate the maintenance of the clean area as well as the room air balancing. The combination of clamps and welded construction > Orbital welding is used wherever possible and extensive documentation is provided. > Sloping (min 2%) design and smooth (Ra<0.4μm/17μ/in). > Type 316L stainless steel is used throughout, with EPDM, PTFE or other FDA-approved gaskets (21CFR part 177). Smooth > The washing chamber and the hydraulic system are designed and constructed with extreme care, finishing with smooth (Ra<0.8µm/33µ/...

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 7

Washers technical features Special heaters > The heater can be made with a special design that allows to reach a high cleaning level and to avoid the stagnation point. Drying and filtering > Drying system with two independent channels for chamber and load. The heating elements permits variable drying temperature control. The HEPA filter are placed at the end of the drying path and the air is exhausted to a vent connection. Pressure gauges for a visual verification of the filter loading are supplied as standard as well as DOP ports and differential pressure transmitters. Control systems >...

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 8

Drain valves > Double drain system with single or double total closure with no water left. Washing chamber and sump > All the connections to the washing chamber respect the relation L/D <3 in order to assure the cleaning of all difficult areas. Washing pump > Sanitary stainless steel high quality washing pump with drain valve. Standard production Washing/Drying machines executed as single door or pass-through double door version, with automatic motorized opening. Vertical or horizontal sliding doors made by HST tempered glass. Vertical doors machine door passage washing cart * Electrical...

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 9

> When reproducibility and reliability of processes are crucial Steelco control systems, all with user friendly interface, manage and handle all the parameter settings, recipe, sequence control and storage. Regulatory compliance Steelco’s automation systems are developed according to stringent GAMP (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry, and are FDA 21 CFR part 11 capable. Every system is supported with comprehensive documentation. The main characteristics they offer are: • extensive documentation • cycle-time indicators • warning and alarm...

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 10

Pharma carts and trolleys - standard and customized solution The possibility to realize and supply 3D CAD renderings permits to make sure that each point, corner and cavity of the item to be processed is deeply and accurately washed. In this way we avoid the possibility of cross-contamination and we eliminate all the residues of dirt from the previous use. The same injection porting can be used also to convey hot sterile filtered air inside each cavity for drying. Quality details Modular elements for flexible solutions

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 11

Customized rack solutions Some examples of the many customized solutions supplied by Steelco are here shown, some of them manufactured in cooperation or following our customer’s instructions. Specific solutions for the most challenging requests

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 12

LC 80 PH - Cabine washer > LC 80 PH is a polyvalent system to wash containers, big components, ultracentrifuges, bulk chemicals: it has been developed for all the applications where it is necessary to treat big quantities of material or material with big sizes. > The machine base, manufactured with easy removable continuous modules, allows the operator to walk with safety on it. The lateral rotating washing tubes permits to achieve perfect washing results. > Chamber volume 5615 lt > Sump volume 180 lt > Trolley volume 3572 lt > Chamber dimensions mm 1205 W x 2245 D x 2075 H > Trolley...

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Pharmaceutical washing systems - 13

Washing chamber features Trolley block > Cart blocking system to avoid the contact with the glass doors. Cleaning and inspection > Strong and easily removable platform: this allows a simple cleaning and inspection as well as to walk easily and safely into the washing chamber. Self cleaning chamber > Self cleaning chamber thanks to several nozzles positioned on the critical points and thanks also to the sloped surfaces. Cleaning nozzles > Washing nozzles easy to disassemble for the periodic maintenance. Free draining surface > Extreme accurate project design for the elimination of the...

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