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STERISAFE-ROOM A no-touch automated decontamination room

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THE STERISAFE-ROOM The only effective and safe decontamination technology DECONT AMINA YOUR FURNITURE TE WITHOUT BLOCKING THE PA TIENT ROOM KEY A TTRIBUTES No consumables FDDC FULL - DEPTH DECONTAMINATION CYCLE The Full-Depth Decontamination Cycle (FDDC) technology provides a process to decontaminate air and surfaces from all harmful pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria and even the so-called superbugs, the antibiotic resistant bacteria. The FDDC is the only technology that applies a full air purification process after biological decontamination. It removes all the remaining oxidant gases...

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Located on the campus of the University of Copenhagen and in the heart of the Copenhagen Science City, INFUSER runs a state-of-the-art research facility. The facility is arguably Northern Europe’s newest and most sophisticated atmospheric chemistry laboratory serving as the key facility for INFUSER’s in-house analysis, modeling and design work for new clean-tech solutions. INFUSER’s advanced oxidation technology is based on natural and energy efficient principles that do not produce any hazardous detergents or chemical waste. The company’s purification solutions use Gas Phase Advanced...

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