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PURE INNOVATION STERNWEBER.COM Sede Legale ed Amministrativa / Headquarters CEFLA s.c. Via Selice Provinciale, 23/a 40026 Imola (BO) - Italy t. +39 0542 6531 1 1 f. +39 0542 653344 Stabilimento / Plant Via Bicocca, 14/C 40026 Imola (BO) - Italy t. +39 0542 653441 f. +39 0542 653601

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PURE INNOVATION DEDICATED TO THE DENTIST STERN WEBER YOUR TALENT INSPIRES US THE EDGE OF INNOVATION The most advanced technology, applied to the dental sector with all the meticulousness of those who fully understand dentists' needs. The new S320TR control panel incorporates a powerful multitouch 7" display that maximises control of dynamic instruments and integrated systems. INSPIRING ERGONOMICS Compact design, lighter key elements, exclusive ergonomic concepts: the new S320TR provides the dental team with an array of benefits. Moreover, the patient chair - with its contemporary lines,...

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PURE INNOVATION ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD ALWAYS CONNECTED To keep up with the latest technologies, Stern Weber has provided web connectivity for its product range. This recent innovation gives access to optional digital services which will improve efficiency at dental surgeries. When connected to the web through Easy Check, a dental unit can rely on real time remote troubleshooting and technical support service. In addition, Di.V.A.*, the digital virtual assistant, optimises the workflow of technologically advanced dental surgeries and, via a dashboard, helps dentists monitor their use of the...

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PURE INNOVATION The new 7” control panel with multitouch display is at the forefront of technological development in the dental industry FINGERTIP CONTROL An interface that provides users with a clear, comprehensive array of information and plenty of scope for personalisation. It’s also extremely user-friendly. Designed for clinical environments (resistant to impact and water), it also features screen autorotation so it can be positioned as desired. The control panel allows dental unit functions to be upgraded with ease as necessary. Multitouch display The large 7” touch screen ensures...

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Endodontics, at the peak of efficiency and effectiveness AH the elements used for endodontic treatment - such as brushless micromotor, apex locator, databases listing nearly all commercially available endocanalar burs, ENDO control mode - are integrated into the S320TR electronics and control software. During endodontics treatment the display provides key data, with dedicated user-friendly information easing and speeding up workflows while enhancing efficiency. ENDO database and reciprocating mode Dentists are provided with an extensive, preloaded endodontic bur library. They can also...

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PURE INNOVATION INTEGRATED IMPLANTOLOGY Perfect integration for implantology We’ve created a made-to-measure solution for implantologists. Selecting IMPLANT mode turns the Full Touch control panel into a surgery-dedicated interface. Featuring graphics and functions similar to those on the classic display, the interface ensures the same userfriendliness. Implantologists are provided with everything needed to perform treatment, significantly speeding up workflows. Moreover, they can use the brushless micromotor, foot control and peristaltic pump incorporated on the dental unit without having...

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PURE INNOVATION A latest-generation light for every clinical need The new LED light is a major step forwards in the development of clinical lighting. The colour rendering index (CRI) exceeds 95, a factor that allows ultra-high colour fidelity. It’s also possible to use 3 colour temperatures, allowing users to select just the right lighting for their specific disciplines. Light intensity is adjustable up to 50,000 Lux. A broad spotlight and excellent depth of field (from 55 to 85 cm) limit the number of times the dentist has to reposition the lamp during treatment. What’s more, “composite”...

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PURE INNOVATION Slim, flexible and redefined to make the ergonomic benefits all-encompassing MOVEMENT REDEFINED Before redesigning all the elements of the arm system and Continental module, each aspect of the dentist’s work was carefully examined. Now lighter with more compact geometry, the dentist’s module can reach any position with minimum effort. The pneumatic brake - activated and deactivated via the on-handle sensor allows easy height adjustment. Instrument lever height has been reduced to minimise interference with the light in the work zone. Dentist’s module Streamlined and light,...

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PURE INNOVATION COMPACT AND AGILE Compact and perfected for those who want maximum working flexibility Featuring modern design that combines a large, easy-to-read display with an ergonomic, easy pick-up instrument layout, the International module provides lightness and easy handling. The new arm system lets dentists position the module as per their specific requirements. The practical handle can easily be removed for cleaning purposes. Adjustable tray holder Easy to position, the optional tray holder module can be adjusted horizontally to suit a full range of treatment requirements....

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PURE INNOVATION BEYOND FLEXIBLE Universal ergonomics, solutions that break through the normal operating barriers S320TR Hybrid More than a simple ambidextrous version, the S320TR Hybrid takes ergonomic versatility to new heights. Equipped with a dentist's module that can be positioned anywhere around the treatment area, the Hybrid model features an assistant's module that can be shifted right or left, always remaining independent from dentist module rotation. Exceptional operating freedom whether working alone or with an assistant. The S320TR Hybrid is available only in the Continental...

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PURE INNOVATION Well-being for the patient, streamlined workflow for the dental team SYNCHRONISED ERGONOMICS The patient chair horizontal “sliding” movement can be synchronised with backrest movement or executed independently of it. Where synchronised with backrest movement, horizontal sliding minimises any compression or stretching of the patient’s back and provides extra operating space for dentists who work in the 12 o’clock position. Horizontal displacement of the seat sees the dentist gain an equal amount of operating space behind the patient’s head, a considerable advantage where...

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