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BADEN-W ÜRT T EMBERG Baden-Württemberg, which is in the southwest of Germany, is the home of many global technology leaders across numerous branches. Well known examples are Daimler, Porsche, ZF, SAP or Bosch. SternMed is located in Ravensburg, close to the Austrian and Swiss Border. With a population of 11 million in 2017, BadenWürttemberg is the third most populated state in Germany. Photo taken by Holger Spiering

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ABOUT STERNMED SternMed GmbH is a medical device manufacturer, with head office in Baden-Württemberg. The company was established in 2011, with the idea of providing durable and affordable medical equipment to enhance healthcare in developing countries.

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MAKE QUALITY HEALTHCARE ACCESSIBLE WORLDWIDE Vision statement In 2013 the product portfolio was shaped and the supply chain management between our company and the suppliers were defined. In the following two years all the quality certificates were obtained from TÜV Nord - Germany. Our mission is to serve the global health care market with our high-quality and reasonably priced products to close the gap of accessibility and affordability of healthcare infrastructure in developing economies. This was successfully achieved by managing our business with integrity and ethics in all our business...

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Make quality healthcare accessible worldwide. Manufacture a wide range of affordable, German-quality healthcare products and solutions, while offering long-term commitment and local support.

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Business Strategy Specific Market Demand German Engineering Intelligent Design RELIABLE COMPONENTS Sophisticated Software Final Inspection

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Reliable. By engineering our products in Germany, we strive for ongoing excellence and to conform to the highest applicable norms and standards. Durable. We design our products for minimum downtime and long-lasting performance, so they generate a significant return on customer investment over a sustained period. Diverse. Being multi-disciplinary – in terms of our people, expertise and approach – helps to consistently optimise the quality of how we work and what we deliver to our customers. Affordable. We make cost-conscious decisions so we can offer our customers a wide range of solutions...

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Quality Certificates

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PRODUCT CATEGORIES The product portfolio of SternMed is divided into three different Product Lines, the goal is to provide solutions for a broad range of day-to-day clinical applications.

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Medical Imaging Operation Room Imaging Systems Patient Care SternMed‘s ultrasound systems, magnetic resonance technology and x-ray devices provide a comprehensive portfolio of complete hard & software solutions tailored for global imaging needs. OR Solutions from SternMed, including anesthesia unit, surgical tables and lighting systems, are designed to support clinicians worldwide to provide health care for their patients. SternMed provides patient care devices like patient monitors, infusion and syringe pumps and medical ventilator, to support clinicians in giving exceptional patient care....

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MEDICAL IMAGING SternMed core products are the medical imaging devices including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computed Tomography (CT-scan) and other X-ray devices along with Ultrasound system, these devices deliver hardware & software solutions which are customized for global medical imaging requirements.

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Marcom 1.5T is a new generation superconducting MRI scanner with 1.5 Tesla field strength with the ability to perform whole body scan, such as of the nervous system, spine, joint soft tissue, pelvic and abdominal cavity. Marcom 0.5 T Marcom 0.5T is an open 0.5T permanent magnet MRI system equipped with a powerful RF and gradient system. In combination with the advanced imaging technology, making it a high-end system, it is comparable to high-field MRI systems. Marcom 0.35 T Marcom 0.35T is an open 0.35T permanent magnet MRI scanner which supplies fast imaging and high-quality images and...

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Cytom 16 is a multi-slice ultra-fast CT scanner with PowerLink Non-Contact Power Technology. PowerLink eliminates the limitations of today’s rotating gantry systems providing the lowest cost, highest reliability CT power system, and non-contact slip ring design.

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X-Ray Systems Xenox M100 Plus The Xenox M100 Plus is a fully digital, motor-driven mobile x-ray with an amorphous silicon flat panel. In the Xenox M100 Plus, the High-Frequency Stable Operating Technology provides the stability to generate quadrate waves to give better penetration for the tube. The tube and main unit are protected against overheating by a safety circuit that constantly monitors the tube’s heat capacity. Light-weight and small analog mobile x-ray unit designed for radiological examinations at the patient‘s bed and in the emergency room. Mobile x-ray unit designed for...

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X-Ray Systems Xenox RAD400 is designed to meet the highest quality standard and ensure the best radiographic performance. It is available in both conventional and fully digital configurations. A versatile and fast ceiling suspension radiography system with an amorphous silicon flat panel providing higher quality images at a lower dose.

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Flouroscopy System Xenox RF1000 Xenox RF1000 is a compact and versatile remote controlled tilting table for radiographic, angioseriographic and fluoroscopic examinations.

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Mobile C-Arm Systems Xenox C400 is a highly reliable, durable, and enduring digital mobile system with a flat panel equipped with digital angiographic memory, which makes it suitable for all applications having high diagnostic content.

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Mammography Systems A versatile analog mammography system with an iso-centric c-arm and magnificent image quality at the most efficient cost. A full-field digital mammography system (FFDM) complete with control and image acquisition station, which is equipped with a transparent protection screen for the operator.

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