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Foto: Felix Kästle About Baden-Württemberg and Ravensburg Ravensburg is located in Baden-Württemberg, which is in the southwest of Germany. It is close to the French and Swiss Border. With a population of 11 million in 2017, Baden-Württemberg the third most populated state in Germany. In 2017, 35% of the employees were occupied in the manufacturing and construction sectors, 64%, in the service sector and only 1% of employees were employed in the agricultural sector (Eurostat, 2018). Therefore, Baden-Württemberg is a highly industrialized state, compared to the In 2016, the regional gross...

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About SternMed SternMed GmbH is a medical device manufacturer, located in Ravensburg, Baden-Württemberg. The company was established in September of 2011, with the idea of providing feasible medical equipment to enhance healthcare in developing countries. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. Therefore, we have our highly qualified manpower standing behind the quality of our products and our dedicated customer support. With the ISO 13485 certification by TÜV Nord we demonstrate that all our corporate processes fulfill the highest standards. In 2013 the product portfolio was shaped...

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At SternMed, we are looking to find the right high frequency electrosurgical units, surgery tapartners worldwide, to provide our products to bles, operation lights, ventilators, patient monithe market. tors, infusion and syringe pumps, and its related accessories. The SternMed product portfolio includes Diagnostic Imaging Systems, OR Solutions and Pa- By staying in constant touch with our highly spetient Care. The product range covers ultrasound cialized distribution partner and customers, we systems, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are continuously improving our state-of-the-art scanners,...

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What is SternMed Philosophy? Global health care spending is expected to increase at an annual rate of 5.4% 2018-2022, a considerable rise from 2.9% in 2013-2017. This increase reflects the expansion of health care coverage in developing markets, the growing care need of elderly populations and advances in treatments and healthcare technologies. Efforts to close this gap will be constrained by higher population growth in developing economies in one hand and in other hand life expectancy appears to continue to climb, bringing the number of people aged over 65 globally to more than 668...

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istica Soph ction nspe SternMed is a product developer using high-tech components to assemble them in a modern and efficient way. Our point of strength is discovering the optimum components from the US, Europe and Asia and developing the products based on the specific market demands. Just like any other knowledge-based company, our well-educated team are the backbone of SternMed. They have considerable experience from within the market leading companies, and therefore can lead the development into the right direction using the resources carefully and wisely. The main mission of our company...

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OR SOLUTIONS • Lightning Systems • ESU • Anesthesia Unit • Surgery Tables MRI CT Radiography Fluoroscopy Mobile C-arm Mammography Ultrasound PATIENT CARE • Ventilators • Medical Pumps • Patient Monitors STERNMED unrestricted © SternMed 2019

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The products at SternMed are divided in IMAGING SYSTEMS three different categories: • Imaging Systems • OR Solutions • Patient Care OR SOLUTIONS PATIENT CARE SternMed's ultrasound systems, magnetic resonance technology and x-ray devices provide a comprehensive portfolio of complete hard & software solutions tailored for global imaging needs. OR Solutions from SternMed, including anesthesia units, surgery tables and lightning systems, are designed to support clinicians worldwide to provide healthcare for their patients. SternMed is providing Patient Care devices like patient monitores,...

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IMAGING SYSTEMS unrestricted © SternMed 2019

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permanent magnet MRI scanner IMAGING SYSTEMS permanent magnet MRI scanner permanent magnet MRI scanner Marcom 0.35T is an open 0.35T permanent magnet MRI scanner which supplies fast imaging and high-quality images and provides rich preset scan protocols as well as advanced applications. Marcom 0.5T is an open 0.5T permanent magnet MRI system equipped with powerful RF and gradient system, together with advanced imaging technology, making a high-end system which is comparable to high-field MRI. Marcom 1.5T is a new generation superconducting MRI scanner with 1.5 Tesla field strength...

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Cytom 16 multi slice ultra fast CT scanner IMAGING SYSTEMS Cytom 16 is a multi-slice ultra-fast CT scanner with PowerLink Non-Contact Power Technology. PowerLink eliminates limitations of today’s rotating gantry systems providing lowest cost, highest reliability CT power system, no need slip ring.

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Xenox M80 mobile x-ray system Xenox M70 is a light-weight and small analog mobile x-ray unit designed for radiological examinations at the patient‘s bed and in the emergency room. Xenox M80 is a mobile x-ray unit designed for radiological examinations at the patient’s bed and in the emergency room. mobile x-ray system mobile x-ray system Xenox M90 is a mobile x-ray unit designed for radiological examinations at the patient’s bed and in the emergency room with a touch screen control panel to display and set the radiographic parameters. Xenox M100 is full digital mobile x-ray with flat panel...

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Xenox RF1000 fluoroscopy system IMAGING SYSTEMS Xenox RF1000 is a compact and versatile remote controlled tilting table for radiographic, angioseriographic and fluoroscopic examinations.

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mobile c-arm IMAGING SYSTEMS mobile c-arm Xenox C100 is a reliable, tough and enduring mobile c-arm, with the maximum affordability; intuitive software for different configurations with user-friendly interface. Xenox M300CV is a mobile c-arm, widely used in orthopedics, urology surgery, spinal surgery, abdominal surgery, pain management, digestive department, gynecology, obstetrics etc. Xenox C200 mobile c-arm Xenox C200 is a reliable, tough and enduring c-arm with the maximum affordability and DSA functionality.

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