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ESSENTIALLY BETTER Bedside cabinetsHome-comfort and privacy in everyday hospital life International Edition

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Bedside cabinets Quality of life in everyday hospital care Bedside cabinets to suit every hospital bed Even in hospital, patients always have their personal belongings with them. Useful little Contents 4 Vitano – the flexible bedside cabinet access from the bed. Drawers which only open at the front safeguard your property, while the closed rear panel protects your privacy. 16 Pleto – the mobile overbed table kept by the bedside. Stiegelmeyer bedside cabinets offer convenient features and easy 14 elo – the convertible bedside cabinet V 6 Vitano – optional features things such as a watch,...

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These bedside cabinets are particularly stable, even if a heavy load is placed on the overbed table. The flexible bedside cabinet An ergonomic design is perfect for facilitating mobility. Take easy reach of the patient. Besides the obvious advantages, the Vitano bedside locker, for instance, with its ability to rotate. the Vitano bedside cabinet has many other useful details. The body of the locker turns smoothly and easily around a full These include, for example, towel hooks and a rail on three 240°. Every patient can reach their bedside cabinet conven- sides. The well thought-out...

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Equipment for individual needs Patients' expectations are constantly rising, and there is also It can also accommodate individual preferences. Options include growing competition between hospitals. Attention is increasingly features such as a fridge, a lockable drawer, a telephone holder or focused on the furnishings and fittings of hospital rooms. With a fitting for modern multimedia monitors. its many model variants, the Vitano bedside cabinet is a piece of furniture with good functionality and ample storage space for the patient's belongings. The optional holders for phones and...

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The made-to-measure bedside cabinet With special equipment and accessories, the Somero offers the comfort you would expect in a good hotel. An optional laptop pullout, for example, provides a comfortable work surface for a laptop or tablet – and a safe storage place, too. Optional holders for phones or multimedia systems also help promote useful digitisation in day-to-day hospital life. A practical slipper holder prevents them from becoming trip hazards. Bedside cabinets with convertible overbed table column The slipper holder keeps everything tidy. The drawers provide good storage space...

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The slipper holder keeps everything tidy. Thoughtful details, such as the towel hook, keep everything neat and tidy. Additional side edges keep objects safely in place on the locker. The large overbed table top can be folded down to save space. Ergonomic handles ensure easy opening of the drawers. The two differently sized drawers offer tailor-made space for everyday items. Space-saving storage The Soreno eco bedside cabinet is notable for its particularly prac- ideal for mealtimes and for holding drinks or care utensils. To save tical and versatile storage options. The stable table top, 2...

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Accessible from both sides The bottle holders on the Sima can safely store large and small bottles. The large optional overbed table offers plenty of space for meals and drinks. To save space, it can be folded away when not in use. The Sima range of bedside cabinets, with access from both sides, allow care staff or patients to quickly move the bedside cabinet The standard model has two useful bottle brings flexibility to hospital rooms. The drawer, cupboard and to the desired position. Two of the castors can be locked. The pow- holders at the side. In the version with the open storage...

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The convertible bedside cabinet Velo External dimensions/height adjustment range: The Velo bedside cabinet is stable, practical and particularly hygienic. The body of the cabinet is made of zinc-coated steel, which can be thoroughly cleaned The stable and practical bedside cabinet and disinfected. It is available in Argentum and Crystal White. Generous storage space is provided by a drawer, 80 cm a compartment, a cupboard element and a metal basket for books and magazines. A towel holder is fitted on the back of the bedside cabinet. The optional height-adjustable overbed table can be...

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Split and horizontal tilting table top The height adjustment lever is within easy reach A strong chassis provides stability Sima plus The mobile overbed table Thanks to its excellent manoeuvrability, the Pleto server can be The server height is adjusted automatically when the bed height is used anywhere in everyday care situations. Usually, however, adjusted, since upward adjustments are possible without releasing it is used as a table. It can be pushed right up to beds, chairs or a handle. This is effective in avoiding collisions. recliner chairs, as required. Its convenient C frame...

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Body Fronts Overbed Body Fronts Overbed Body Fronts Overbed Body Fronts Top Body Fronts Overbed Body Fronts Top Body Fronts Overbed Body Table top table table table surface table surface table surface surface surface surface surface Crystal White ✓ -- ✓- -✓-- ✓ ✓- ✓✓-✓✓-✓✓-O- Azure Baltic Sea Gold Silver Grey Snow White Storm Eternal Cherry Valley Oak Global Beech Noce Lyon Noce Praline Ottawa Maple To adapt the bedside cabinet to your own furnishing concept we offer two body colours and a selection of different decors from the Stiegelmeyer collection.Please get in touch with us. ✓ =...

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Technical data Equipment and options External dimensions W x D x H (without overbed table) External dimensions W x D x H (overbed table, retracted) Overbed tabletop height Overbed tabletop dimensions Total weight Tilting overbed table approx. 42 kg approx. 52 kg (with fridge) 30° - 60° approx. 38 kg approx. 46 kg (with fridge) approx. 30 kg approx. 32 kg (with overbed table) 30° - 60° approx. 19 kg approx. 25 kg (with overbed table) Lock for top drawer Slot-in holders for telephone systems Suitable for automated cleaning and disinfection Bottle holder on top surface rail Towel hook on rail...

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