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Evario - 1

E va r i o The bed that’s at home in any hospital un

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Evario - 2

The hospital bed that meets every requirement addresses individual requirements while still providing excellent value for money. The Evario goes a long way to facilitating the work of nursing staff with its effortless use. Its planar design and its optional machine washability contribute to its excellent hygiene characteristics. These support hospitals in the fight against multi-resistant germs. • attress base (mattress dimensions): M 87 x 200 cm Evario extra wide Evario extra long Evario with scales Evario with fixed headboard • attress base (mattress dimensions): M • attress base...

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Evario - 3

Strong advantages Integrated control panel The LCD handset with only three buttons is The control panel which is incorporated on the d esigned for intuitive use. It provides three control outside or inside of the Protega safety side provides levels for patients, nurses and technicians. tailor-made options for all users and useful preset bed positions. Secure position Sliding backrest The handrails on the safety sides provide support The sliding backrest protects the patient from for patients. The handle bars on the headboard and uncomfortable shearing forces during adjustments footboard...

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Evario - 4

Head and footboards can be freely combined with safety sides. It is poss ible, for example, to combine the classic Rondo headboard and footboard with the Protega safety side. The Evario supports speedy recovery in day-to-day patient care, but is also suitable for intensive care. The bed that’s at home in any hospital unit Its modular system makes the Evario a bed that adapts itself to very specific requirements. In the basic configuration, it is avail • high safe working load makes it equally suitable for heavier A patients weighing up to 250 kg able with mattress base widths of 87 or 90...

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Evario - 5

Raising and lowering the ¾ safety side makes virtually no noise. The machine-washable version includes integrated edge protection. Protega safety side Preventing patient falls from hospital beds is of the highest priority. At the same time, however, it is important to The Protega safety side is an alternative developed by Stiegel pleasing to the touch. The planar design provides extensive pro- promote mobility and reduce the use of freedom-restricting measures. Evario’s safety side systems are the right meyer to provide a flexible response to patients’ needs. The wing- tection from...

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Evario - 6

Easy operation with only 3 buttons The stylish slimline LCD handset is attractive with its backlit display and only 3 buttons. Patients can select and use the bed’s adjustment options quickly and easily on the display. Functions locked by care staff are not visible for the patient. This intuitive operation makes it suitable for use even by people with restricted capabilities. To avoid inadvertent adjustments to the bed, the LCD handset has 3 separate control levels for patients, nursing staff and technical personnel. On their control level, nurses can lock certain adjustment options for...

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Evario - 7

Practical operating functions Fast adjustment of the bed As a practical and positive aid for nursing staff, 3 preset backrest positions that are frequently needed in everyday care are provided. These can be selected at the touch of a button on the Evario control panel, which is close to the patient. The preset adjustment angles are 15°, 30° and 45°. An angle of 30° reduces brain pressure, relieves strain on the heart and facilitates breathing. A cardiac chair position can also be set quickly using the display on the operating panel. An angle of 45° makes it easier to eat meals and converse...

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Evario - 8

ESSENTIALLY BETTER If a bed with a patient lying in it rapidly turns a corner, high centrifugal forces can come into play. The fifth castor ensures that the Evario remains on track and prevents it from slipping sideways. The optional fifth castor makes it easier for care staff to move the bed. transport, regardless of whether the nurse pushes the bed from strain on the back by just one person when the directional castor is correctly used. The optional fifth castor, however, reduces the The ergonomic handle bars on the sturdy head and footboards provide added convenience when handling the...

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Evario - 9

Benefits for patients Comfort and safety The Evario’s great comfort and stylish good looks make it a hospital bed that you can feel at home in. Patients can regain strength and renewed confidence in this bed. This has a positive effect on the speed of their recovery. The Evario provides ample room and comfort in every situation – this is also due to the sliding backrest, which prevents uncomfortable shearing forces during adjustments. The split Protega safety side and the handrails running all round the bed foster patient mobility. Patients can get up by themselves and have a handrail...

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Evario - 10

Evario extra wide Evario with scales Weight control through integrated weighing system A 100 cm wide version in combination with a 200 cm long mattress base is available on request. A bed extension is also possible at the same time. The bed’s high safe working load makes it equally suited to heavier patients up to 250 kg. The Evario with scales meets the demanding requirements of an intensive care unit. The system offered by the integrated bed scales delivers precise readings and helps with diagnosis and the correct medication. The scales monitor the patient's weight with an accuracy of 200...

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Evario - 11

Evario with fixed headboard reduces the risk of damage The optional fixed headboard does not move when height adjustments are made so that collisions with room furnishings are avoided. • Mattress base dimensions of 87 x 200 cm • Patient lifting pole and infusion stand on the exterior • Height adjustment range of 32–85 cm • Tiltable up to 12° reverse-Trendelenburg position Scraping walls when adjusting the mattress base height is avoided. The external patient lifting pole does not move when the height is adjusted. Cost-effective benefits due to high quality The Evario is a worthwhile...

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