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Junior - 1

Junior Clinic | Care | Homecare | Assist The paediatric cot for special requirements

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Junior - 2

Safe and dependable The Junior paediatric cot is distinguished by its excep­ tionally safe and dependable functions. Its practical features greatly facilitate the daily care routines per­ formed by nursing staff. Its sturdy, high-quality design makes the cot a safe place to sleep and at the same time a perfect place to play during the daytime. The cheerful colours en­ hance the children’s acceptance of the cot and also promote visual perception. The cot is suitable for small children of up to 100 cm in height and is designed for a safe working load of 50 kg. With a design that meets all the...

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Junior - 3

Ergonomic nursing The height of the mattress base can be adjusted from 75 to 91 cm. This guarantees that an ergonomic height can be found to suit both hospital staff and family members. An easy release mechanism allows the cot to be adjusted to several intermediate heights (image 1 and 2). Safety and protection Besides this height adjustment facility, the cot’s mattress base can, also be tilted by hand to a 7° Trendelen­ burg and reverse-Trendelenburg position (large figure). This makes it the ideal cot for administering medical and nursing care to young patients. The easy to use safety...

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Junior - 4

Accessories: practical, clean, flexible The bed can be complemented with useful accessories. These optional extras are attached in a way that makes them quick and easy to reach. They include a pull-out laundry basket, a nappy bin and two sleeves for holding infusion stands. The laundry basket makes it easier for staff and family members to perform tasks such as changing the child's clothes or making the bed since the basket can be used to hold or store clean or used laundry (image 2). The nappy bin enables used nappies to be disposed of quickly and hygienically (image 1). The sleeves for...

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Junior - 5

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