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ESSENTIALLY BETTER Puro More than just a bed

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Contents 4 Model variants 10 Stylish yet practical design 12 MultiFlex+ safety sides 14 Assistance with promoting mobility 16 Easy-to-operate concept 18 For sleeping, mobilisation, caring 19 Digital assistance systems 20 Practical details 22 Innovative design for reliable hygiene 23 utomated reprocessing A 24 Maintenance and servicing 25 quipment and options E 29 echnical data T 30 he Stiegelmeyer-Group T

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Puro - 3

More than just a bed Strong advantages Today’s hospital beds are expected to satisfy stringent requirements in many different respects. Ensuring patients get a good night’s sleep, intuitive use, promoting patient mobility and reliable hygiene – these are just some of the things that operators rightly expect from a hospital bed. That’s why our Puro is ‘more than just a bed’. It provides strong support for all hospital units. Thanks to this model, patients and nursing staff benefit from a noticeable improvement in their quality of life on a day-to-day basis. All models with full-length or...

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Puro - 4

Puro – Standard Puro – lino variant The bed for fast track recovery The narrow bed for restricted spaces Problems often arise if hospital beds need to be moved from one patients and nursing staff: a large height adjustment range for place to another: Corridors are too narrow to allow two beds to conveniently getting in and out of bed and back-friendly working, pass side by side, and doorways are not wide enough. In rooms a modern LCD handset and the choice of a full-length or split with multiple beds, laborious manoeuvring of all beds may be MultiFlex+ safety side, which is easy to operate...

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Puro - 5

The low-height bed for fall prevention Puro brevo Puro – brevo lino variant How can patients at risk of falling be ideally protected without With the average length of stay of patients in hospital falling, beds restricting their freedom and mobility? One of the most convincing must be suitable for increasingly rapid changes. Both the place answers is the use of a low-height bed. The brevo variant can be of use and the requirements can change at any time. With the lowered to a height of 28 cm, making the risk of injury low in the combination of the lino and brevo variants, you have the ideal...

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Puro - 6

The Rondo head and footboard is attractive with its elegantly curved handle bar attachment. The streamlined, linear design of the Puro wins you over with its simple elegance. If a collision occurs despite the excellent running characteristics, the integrated wall deflection rollers and wall buffer cones prevent Stylish yet practical design damage to the bed and walls. The LCD handset is also reliably protected against damage in its practical holder. The forward-looking design language of the Puro In order to adapt the Puro to the furnishing style of the room, there is a choice of many...

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Puro - 7

When the safety side is lowered, the fixing supports are lowered smoothly and automatically. All mobilisation supports can be raised individually. To provide standard-compliant protection for more than 50% of the mattress base, it is sufficient to raise the head-end element and the support for the foot-end element. If you wish, the Puro can also be supplied with a full-length safety side for maximum protection. MultiFlex+ safety side Reliable protection and easy operation Split safety sides protect the patient from falls and, if and automatically along the side of the bed. Even if all...

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Puro - 8

Assistance with promoting mobility Early mobilisation of the patient has a very positive effect on his or her recovery. Studies have found that hospital stays could be shortened by more than three days and painkillers and sedatives significantly reduced if the patient sat up or stood up as early as possible. ESSENTIALLY BETTER Further advantages of early mobilisation • educed risk of developing deep vein R The Puro offers several supporting functions for this purpose. t hrombosis, pneumonia, or urinary tract The split MultiFlex+ safety side leaves the patient plenty of room at the foot end...

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Puro - 9

Nurses have greater control over the Puro at their operating level. EasyCare gives nursing staff all options ESSENTIALLY BETTER EasyCare lightens the workload of nursing staff Easy-to-operate concept The LCD handset with 3 keys Patients can move the bed into a c omfortable sitting position with the LCD handset. • The LCD handset contains three control levels for patients, nurses and technicians. • Nurses can block and conceal certain In the illuminated display, all the f unctions can be selected with just three keys. adjustment functions for the patient. • With the EasyCare function, these...

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Puro - 10

For sleeping, mobilisation, caring The Puro is always the right height At night it is recommended that the Puro is set to its lowest position, particularly if patients are at risk of falling. If patients wish to get up alone, their feet are We develop customised solutions for your smart hospital always in contact with the floor, resulting in activation of the receptors. In the event of a fall, the low height protects against injuries. During height adjustment, the Puro brevo and brevo lino variants automatically make an intermediate stop at 41 cm. For many people, this height is a good...

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Puro - 11

Practical details Relief in many everyday situations The Puro is designed to bring significant relief in many typical everyday situations. Do doctors or nurses need quick access to the patient's head or feet? The head and footboards can be removed in only a few seconds. The head and footboards on the Puro are equipped with safe plug-in connections that can be easily unlocked with one simple movement of the hand. The nurse can equally easily unlock the 28-cm-long integrated bed extension and draw it out from under the footboard. Tall patients therefore enjoy added space and comfort. Other...

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Puro - 12

Automated reprocessing Machine washable beds provide a high level of protection and relief Innovative design for reliable hygiene Streamlined design facilitates cleaning Due to increasingly fast patient turnover, hospitals have less time for reprocessing beds. They also need to work more efficiently in this area – without sacrificing quality. The Reliable hygiene and the successful fight against multi-resistant germs have become central tasks in hospitals. Thorough and at the machine-washable version of the Puro, manufactured to the high protection category same time straightforward...

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