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Ravello Safe and comfortable transport chairs

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The chair range for safe transfer When patients or residents cannot move about independently, getting to other rooms can often be a challenge. What is needed is a transport chair which offers a high level of safety and comfort and which does not require a great deal of effort from staff. A homelike appearance contributes to preserving the dignity of patients and residents. The transport chairs in the Ravello range perfectly satisfy all these requirements. Due to the large variety of models and practical accessories, they can be adapted to meet individual wishes and requirements. ESSENTIALLY...

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Ravello curo The length-adjustable footrest moves with the mattress base when this is adjusted and provides firm support for the user’s feet. Reliable support If a patient or resident needs to be transported lying down, the backrest on the Ravello curo can easily be reclined to an angle of 43°. The Ravello curo has large, stable front disc wheels and directional castors with brakes at the rear. This makes the chair effortless to manoeuvre.

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ESSENTIALLY BETTER The “s” factor The "s" on the Ravello sano-s and Ravello plus-s models stands for "simple movement". These models have 4 swivel castors with a diameter of 125 mm or 150 mm. These chairs are particularly easy to steer and can be manoeuvred in even the tightest of spaces without collisions. This protects patients and residents and keeps the chair and room furnishings safe If the Ravello sano and sano-s are swivelled into the lying position, only the lower leg rest moves at the same time. from damage. Ravello sano and sano-s The height can be adjusted between 51 and 80 cm...

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The lowerable armrests allow unobstructed access from the front and the side. The optional tray can simply be a ttached to the armrests. If the user requires additional support whilst sitting, there is a special headrest with lateral support available. There is an optional mounting bracket for drainage bags. Infusion stands can be inserted on both sides using the sleeves supplied as standard. Equipment and options Useful additions A substantial standard model and innovative accessories transform the Ravello into a transport chair which people are happy to spend time in. The Ravello also...

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Technical data Ravello Overall width Overall height Overall depth Seat Safe working load Castors Directional castors Ø 125 mm, with brakes at rear Directional castors Ø 125 mm, with brakes at front Directional castors back and front Ø 150 mm with brakes Front disc wheels Ø 200 mm Custodians of values Shapers of the future Adjustment ranges Reclining backrest Footrest, moves with the leg rest Footrest, retractable Height adjustment and inclining seat part Additional features Infusion stand sleeves on both sides Attachable table Side rest Custodians of values Our company was founded in...

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Technische Änderungen vorbehalten. Leichte Farbabweichungen der Originale sind drucktechnisch bedingt. Stand 09/2019. Version 08. Artikel-Nr. 601046. Subject to technical changes without notice. The shown product colours may differ slightly from the actual product. Last updated 09/2019. Version 08. Item no. 601046. Hauptsitz / Headquarters Deutschland / Germany Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG Ackerstraße 42 32051 Herford Phone +49 (0) 5221 185 - 0 Fax +49 (0) 5221 185 - 252 info@stiegelmeyer.com www.stiegelmeyer.com Nederland / Netherlands Stiegelmeyer BV Peppelenbos 7 6662 WB Elst Phone +31 (0)...

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