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Sophistication and comfort for everyday care Having a meal in a nice bistro, a coffee in a buzzing hotel lobby – the small things in life 2 Sophistication and comfort for everyday care that bring a smile to our face, just as they do to the residents of care homes and residential homes, who thrive on being provided with the comfort of living an active and auton- omous life. Stiegelmeyer’s tables and chairs are designed to help people with restricted mobility to lead just such a life. Our furniture is designed to add a touch of sophistication 6 Fena range with a handle and to create a...

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Tables and chairs - 3

Mavo – The dining room can be designed in an individual way A chair with character – our Mavo chairs are an inviting feature in any room. Their solid beech frames make them extremely sturdy and at the same time give them very clear lines and a contemporary look. Our Mavo chairs also feature a handle above the backrest, which provides a welcome extra support for residents and care staff when moving about the room. The double-coated finish of the chair allows it to easily withstand all the rigours of everyday life. Mavo is available in 3 versions: with and without armrests and as a high back...

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Tables and chairs - 4

Fena chairs, Tiba 6210 cover and Optimo table, Bella Noce decor Fena with a handle - Enjoying every-_ _ _ _ _ •/ »—•/ day life with a touch of elegance Versatile, attractive wooden decors available Our Fena chairs have soft lines and a playful design. Both the backrest and seat are gently curved to ideally accommodate the shape of the human body. The wooden frame at the side of the backrest is covered with fabric, which makes the colour and fabric pattern really stand out. The handle at the top of the backrest has a pleasantly rounded shape and is a perfect support for residents when...

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Tables and chairs - 5

Fena chairs, Comino 3550 cover and column-leg table, Havana decor Large fabric selection for all seating Fena without a handle – bistro atmosphere in your own home A chair with a sophisticated design that shows the with and without armrests. Our third Fena version, colours of the chair cover to best advantage – the Fena which has a high backrest and armrests, offers even without a handle. The ergonomically curved backrest greater comfort and security. is completely covered with fabric, which gives the chair a very comfortable look. Our Fena chairs without a handle are also very good value...

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Tables and chairs - 6

Mavo heavy-duty chair, Comino 5552 cover and the Arena heavy-duty bed, Lindberg Oak decor Heavy-duty chairs – A strong partnership for heavier residents It’s a well-known fact that people in the West have Our heavy-duty Mavo and Fena chairs with- gradually started getting taller over time. In recent out a handle have an extra wide seat and years, yet another trend has made itself felt, and that are built to support a higher safe working is the tendency for people in developed countries to load of 180 kg. This allows even larger and have also significantly gained in body weight. A lot...

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Tables and chairs - 7

Column-leg table with round table top Tables The perfect complement In order to gain the full benefit of the various situations feature an attractive combination of metal columns in which our chairs can be used, we highly recommend and round or square wooden table tops. pairing them with the right table. For this reason, we have designed a wide range of tables: Bistro tables All of our tables are available in a choice of numerous with a round top for creating a more vibrant atmos- different decors. This means that they can be designed phere, dining tables that offer plenty of space and to...

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Tables and chairs - 8

Fena heavy-duty chair with Empero coffee table Optimo seating group with Optimo dining table Our Empero tables will stand out in any room thanks to their solid Our Optimo tables have been designed with rounded edges. This rectangular edges. Empero tables have both a very clean design gives them an especially homelike and cosy look. However, round and an elegant appearance. They are available as a large dining legs also help to protect people from injury when bumping against table, a trapezoid table, a dining table with a round table top, them. They are available as a large dining table, a...

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Tables and chairs - 9

Equipment and options High back chair Fena with a handle Fena without a handle Stackable chair with armrests Stackable chair without armrests Height: 110 cm Width: 58 cm Seat height: 48 cm Depth: 63 cm Height: 90 cm Width: 58 cm Seat height: 47 cm Depth: 60 cm Height: 89 cm Width: 49 cm Seat height: 47 cm Depth: 60 cm Height: 110 cm Width: 57 cm Seat height: 48 cm Depth: 64 cm Height:106.5 cm Width: 57 cm Seat height: 48 cm Depth: 64.5 cm Height: 89.5 cm Width: 62.5 cm Seat height: 47 cm Depth: 62.5cm Height: 89.5 cm Width: 50 cm Seat height: 47 cm Depth: 62 cm Height: 86.5 cm Width: 57 cm...

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Tables and chairs - 10

Custodians of values Shapers of the future The Stiegelmeyer-Group is your international partner for hospitals and care facilities and, with the Burmeier brand, also for caring in the home. We support our customers with practiceoriented products, solutions and services that we are constantly developing further. Our company was founded in Herford in In order to cope with rapid changes in the 1900 and is still a family-run enterprise to- care and healthcare sectors, we develop all day. Respect and a sense of responsibility our products ourselves. Creating innova- towards our customers,...

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STIEGELMEYERHauptsitz / Headquarters Deutschland / Germany Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG AckerstraBe 42 32051 Herford Phone +49 (0) 5221 185 - 0 Fax +49 (0) 5221 185 - 252 Technische Anderungen vorbehalten. Leichte Farbabweichungen der Originale sind drucktechnisch bedingt. Stand 07/2019. Version 08. Artikel-Nr. 600613. Subject to technical changes without notice. The shown product colours may differ slightly from the actual product. Last updated 07/2019. Version 08. Item no. 600613. France Stiegelmeyer SAS 8 Allee des Chevreuils 69380 Lissieu Phone...

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