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Venta - 1

A model in the Elvido range Clinic | Care | Homecare | Assist Comfort and safety redefined

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Venta - 2

Venta with Softcovers

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Venta - 3

22 Safe and easy braking 28 Stiegelmeyer – facts and figures 20 e-help – digital assistance systems 29 Dimensions and adjustment ranges 21 Innovative operating concept

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Venta - 4

Reverse-Trendelenburg position German engineering design Easy operation Venta – the perfect combination of safety and comfort A modern care bed must be low-height, safe and easy to operate. It should help to reduce the use of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) and promote the the resident’s mobility. And its high level of comfort and attractive aesthetics should also meet the requirements of those in need of care. The Venta low-height bed sets new standards in all these categories. Its innovative safety side systems offer the necessary protection without limiting the freedom of the...

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Venta - 5

Standardcompliant protection without DoLS A new generation of safety sides 2. The Venta safety sides impress with many innovative and practical details. They afford a high level of protec­ion while reducing the use of Deprivation of t Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), quite in the spirit of the Werdenfelser approach. At the same time, they bring considerable relief to care staff, as staff gain time and freedom in their hectic workdays due to their easy operation. Integrated power assistance helps when engaging the safety sides. These are easy to raise and lock securely into place. The safety sides...

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Venta - 6

Safety in one simple step Telescopic extension for more protection In certain situations, people in need of care require more protection, so that the safety side needs to cover almost the complete length of the bed. The optio­ nal telescopic extension (pictures 1-3) has been designed for such instances. Here again, care staff can effortlessly draw the safety side out horizontally with just one hand. For seamless protection, an optional extension piece is available to close the small gap at the foot end (pictures 4 and 5). The Venta safety side looks sleek and subtle with its attractive...

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Venta - 7

Low-height bed for fall prevention Venta with Softcovers for side panel and fixed board

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Venta - 8

Softcovers for enhanced colour and style Colour adds life to any room. It helps the elderly in particular with orientation and reinforces positive emotions. The Venta series impresses with its Softcovers, which allow the beds to be visually altered to suit individual colour tastes – and they feel good to the touch, too. This also makes it possible to set entire living areas apart by using different colours. The Softcovers are simply fitted over the headboard and footboard. The colours range from warm orange to elegant blue and are available in several different materials. There is a choice...

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Venta - 9

Always at the right height 3-stop function A low-height bed is ideal for fall prevention without resorting to Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS). However, to be able to work ergonomically, care staff need to have the bed raised to hip level. The beds in the Venta series meet both needs with their large height adjustment range – and offer addi­ tio­ al comfort through their 3-stop function. n Werdenfelser approach Large height adjustment range The Venta, for example, stops at 25 cm, approximately 38 cm and 80 cm. The intermediate stop allows the resident to conveniently get in and out...

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Venta - 10

A wide range of decors Venta with Bella Noce Choco decor

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Venta - 11

The resident leaves the bed and triggers the visualisation through a signal Visualisation in the care room A visual and acoustic signal is activated in the care staff room Easy operation e-help – digital assistance systems Innovative operating concept The name “e-help” stands for digital assistance systems that enhance safety and operating comfort. They also help to avoid the use of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS). A Venta bed with integrated e-help technology incorporates an intelligent sensor. This transmits a signal if help is needed. The delay in triggering this signal can be...

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Venta - 12

Advantages at a glance • Certified by the TÜV Rheinland •Leakage current measurement only every 10 years •High degree of safety for residents •Reduced electrosmog at the bed Safe and easy braking Stiegelmeyer has also found an ergonomic solution for care use in the design of the brakes. Due to their position, the brake pedals are extremely easy to reach by foot when the bed is in its very lowest position (picture 1). This means that care staff no longer need to strenuously stoop or hunt around to find them in hectic situations. The castors can also be centrally Energy-saving with low...

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Venta - 13

Good manoeuvrability on large castors Variant movo – for an active life The movo variant complements the features of the Venta with particularly good manoeuvrability. It is especially important for bedridden people to take part in the day-to-day life of the other residents and family members. Mobile beds such as the Venta movo mean this is not a problem. Whether you are off to the Large height adjustment range dining room, the terrace or wherever life is taking place – the large double castors facilitate ma­noeuv­ r ­ing and increase the flexibility of all those involved. The wide range of...

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Venta - 14

Great comfort for heavier residents •Safe working load: 260 kg •Mattress base width: 100 cm Variant forto – strong for daily care For decades, people in many parts of the world have been growing taller. The trend for higher body weight has also increased. The forto variant precisely meets these challenges. This heavy-duty bed can be used up to a safe working load of 260 kg. With its 100 cm mattress base width, it also adds an extra bit of comfort. The Large height adjustment range High safe working load large, robust castors with a 125 mm diameter and powerful motors offer the ideal degree...

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Venta - 15

Dimensions and adjustment ranges Venta Highest mattress base position: 80 cm Orthopaedic position Fowler position Raised leg position to approx. 10° Lowest mattress base position: 25 cm Variant movo Finland Netherlands Lowest mattress base position: 29 cm Highest mattress base position: 80 cm South Africa Fowler position Raised leg position to approx. 10° key pillar and will be expanded in the future. Distribu­ tion companies work in France, Poland, The Nether­ lands, Belgium, Finland and South Africa. Stiegelmeyer products are exported to more than 60 countries. Highest mattress base...

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