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Part number: 60068 July 2017 Part number: 60068 July 2017 USB (USB1.1, USB2.0, USB3.0 compatible) LED: Green = Ready to play; Red = No DC power and/or not connected to ANY-maze (note 1) Powered from external DC power supply 9 Vdc - 36 Vdc 1.5A 2.1 mm jack, centre positive or centre negative 6 3W into 4 ohms, 1.7W into 8 ohms Class D 108 dBA (note 2) 3.5mm pitch pluggable screw terminal block Overview The AMi-2 Audio interface provides six mono speaker outputs each of which can independently play tones, white noise or any sound file. Technical specification Connection to PC Connection type Connection indication Power: Input voltage Input current Connector Outputs Number of channels Output power Amplifier type Maximum sound level Connector Notes 1. Indicator LED can be supressed, which is useful for tests performed in darkness and/or to avoid providing potential cues to the animals. 2. Sound level measurements depend on many factors and the value quoted here is only provided as a guide. The conditions used for this measurement were: The AMi-2 8-ohm speaker playing a 2.5KHz tone (sine wave) at 100% volume, measured at a distance of 50cm directly in front of the speaker.

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