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Joint Preservation

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ACL Tunnel-Preparation Instrumentation Set Reproducible graft placement with stable fixation. Stable ACL Tunnel-Preparation The Stryker Universal ACL Instrumentation System has been developed to be utilized with a variety of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction techniques. With the Stryker Universal ACL Instrumentation System and endoscopic surgical technique, it is possible to obtain more reproducible anatomical graft placement and stable fixation - the desired goal of ACL reconstruction. Tibial Guide » Three slide choices for surgeon preference (double point fork, elbow, single...

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Femoral Aimers » Five sizes, allowing a 1mm or 2mm back wall for any size tunnel. » Can be used in anteromedial portal or transtibially. Precise Anatomical Placement Set of five Femoral Aimers (also called offset guides) allow for precise anatomical placement of femoral tunnels by referencing the over-the-top position (Note: can be used through medial portal or transtibially). Five sizes (4, 5, 6, 7, 8mm aimers) provide a 1-2mm tunnel back wall when used with the appropriately sized reamer. For example, a 7mm Femoral Aimer used with a 10mm diameter reamer leaves a 2mm back wall. (Formula: ½...

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Tendon Stripper » Blunt tip is designed to reduce the risk of premature graft laceration. » Durable stainless steel shaft. » Open and closed loop allows surgeons to keep tendons attached to tibia during harvesting. ACL Workstation » Modular design allows for excellent BTB or soft-tissue graft preparation. » Can be used with any ACL instrument. » Sizers range from 6mm - 13mm in 1/2mm size increments. All-Inclusive Convenience » Bone Tendon, Bone and Soft Tissue. The ACL Disposable Packs are offered for BTB and Soft Tissue cases. Each provides a convenient, all-inclusive set of guide pins and...

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Ordering Information All-Inclusive ACL Instrumentation Set: 10mm Tibia Coring Reamers (Use with Small Plunger) 234-020-071 2.4mm Femoral Eyeloop Guide Pin (18”) Drill Tip (tube of 6) 234-020-051 11mm Tibia Coring Reamers (Use with Small Plunger) 234-020-017 2.4mm Femoral Eyeloop Guide Pin (18”) Trocar Tip (tube of 6) 234-020-052 12mm Tibia Coring Reamers (Use with Small Plunger) 234-020-018 2.4mm Femoral Eyeloop Guide Pin (12”) Drill Tip (tube of 6) 234-020-023 Small Plunger, use with Tibia Coring Reamers (5-10mm) 234-020-072 2.4mm Eyeloop Guide Pin (12”) Trocar Tip (tube of 6) 234-020-053...

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Joint Replacements Trauma, Extremities & Deformities Surgical Products Interventional Pain Patient Handling Equipment A surgeon should always rely on his or her own professional clinical judgment when deciding to use which products and/or techniques on individual patients. Stryker is not dispensing medical advice and recommends that surgeons be trained in orthopaedic surgeries before performing any surgeries. The information presented is intended to demonstrate the breadth of Stryker product offerings. Always refer to the package insert, product label and/or user instructions before using...

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