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StraightForward insertion Remarkable compression 1 Featuring Aerofoil™ Compression Technology

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StraightForward insertion Introducing StraightForward instruments Make insertion StraightForward with Aero-C’s precision-guided instruments, which deliver anchors within a constrained system • Rail-based instrumentation for accurate implant and anchor placement • Fully guided system helps achieve reproducibility Less invasive Streamline your approach with in-line insertion • Minimize tissue disruption with a less invasive approach • In-line insertion reduces the potential for instrument impingement on the patient’s chin or

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Remarkable compression1 Introducing Aerofoil™ Compression Technology Secure Aero-C to the vertebral bodies with Aerofoil™ Compression Technology • Shaped like inverted plane wings, Aero-C’s unique anchors are designed to pull the vertebral bodies towards the implant as it is inserted, creating compressive forces at the implant‑to‑endplate interface • In accordance with Wolff’s law, compression creates a healing environment known to stimulate bone growth2 • Integrated one-step locking mechanism is designed to lock anchors to the implant Space needed for screw insertion Space needed for...

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Aero® -C - 4

Aero-C technical data Pressure film testing1 Aero-C is the only in-line ACDF device to offer compression across the interbody.1 Bladed implant

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Aero-C’s anchors are designed to draw the vertebral bodies towards the implant to create compression.3 Bladed implant Screw based implant Normalized effective life The unique anchor design of Aero-C demonstrated better resistance to physiological motion than a commercially available screw based implant.4 Aero-C Screw based implant Axial torsion Flexion extension Lateral bending Effective life is defined as the number of cycles at which a 10% average increase over the baseline ROM was observed. Aero-C was shown to be more than twice as strong as a commercially available screw based and...

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Aero® -C - 6

The Aero family StraightForward insertion Remarkable compression 1 Aerofoil™ Compression Technology for your ALIF, LLIF and ACDF procedures. Spine Division For more information please visit References 1. PROJ0000050417 Aero-C Anchor Induced Compression Testing Design Iteration Memo 2. Frost HM. A 2003 Update of Bone Physiology and Wolff’s Law for Clinicians. Angle Orthod 2004;74(1):3–15 3. TLAER-AN-3 SYK Aero-C Pressure Test 4. DHF0000042531 5. TLAER-AN-3 SYK Aero-C Grip Test A surgeon must always rely on his or her own professional clinical judgment when deciding...

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