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CD4 & SABO2 Family - 1

STRYKER SURGICAL COMMITTED TO YOUR SUCCESS. Cordless Driver 4 & SABO 2 ® Your one-system solution for Sports Med & Ortho Trauma TOTAL Confidence™

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CD4 & SABO2 Family - 2

Sports Med & Ortho Trauma • The CD4 POWEReam Technology option delivers more torque, allowing a single handpiece to complete the most challenging Sports Med and Ortho Trauma reaming procedures. The Next Evolution of Confidence • The integrated handpiece microprocessor continually regulates power output, providing you with consistent reliability and peace of mind. • SABO2 Sagittal Saw has a 32% increase in run time versus a handpiece with sag saw attachment. Your One-System Solution Developed specifically for Sports Med and Ortho Trauma, this system produces the dependable power you require,...

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CD4 & SABO2 Family - 3

POWEReam Technology CD4 One Handpiece – Multiple Options The CD4 POWEReam Technology option delivers more torque, allowing a single handpiece to complete the most challenging Sports Med and Ortho Trauma reaming procedures. CD4 with POWEReam Technology is ergonomically designed for balance and comfortable control Delivers 93% more torque Re-engineered handpiece designed for reaming in high-torque applications Lithium Ion battery technology allows for longer-lasting and consistent power throughout the case Driving Pins and Wires POWEReam Hudson/Modified Trinkle 4405-235-000 One handpiece...

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CD4 & SABO2 Family - 4

Sports Med & Ortho Trauma Sports Med & Ortho Trauma Real innovation is often found in small details – the kinds of details that make our sterilization cases more cost effective, easier to use and more efficient. When your team members enter the operating room, they need to feel confident that their power tools are ready to meet their needs. That’s why CD4 and SABO2 feature the Stryker SmartLiFE Battery. It runs longer, weighs less, offers built-in safety mechanisms and provides proactive warnings – so surgical teams can depend on consistency in every Sports Med and Ortho Trauma case. Sealed...

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CD4 & SABO2 Family - 5

Ordering Information Cordless Driver 4 and SABO2 bring you leading-edge technology, backed by a committed support team at Stryker. For questions or to place your order today, please contact your Stryker Surgical sales representative or call 800-253-3210. Reconstructive Hips Knees Trauma & Extremities POWEReam Hudson Joint Preservation POWEReam 1/4" Chuck with Key POWEReam Hudson Modified Trinkle POWEReam Trinkle Wire Collet (0.28" - 0.71" Diameter) Power Tools & Surgical Accessories Image Guided Navigation Adjustable Pin Collet (.079" - .126" Diameter) Endoscopy & Arthroscopy 1/4" Drill...

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