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Gamma3 Fragment Control Clip TM Operative Technique

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Introduction Indication Lateral View Frontal View The Fragment Control Clip is designed to stabilize rotationally unstable femoral head-neck fragments during preparation of the Lag Screw canal and insertion of the Gamma3 Lag Screw. It can be used for Gamma3 Trochanteric and Long Nails. Instrument features The Fragment Control Clip is made from radiolucent carbon bres as is the Gamma3 Targeting Arm Safety Clamp Groove for the Lag Screw Guide Sleeve Situation prior to the Assembly of the Fragment Control Clip onto the Targeting Device Follow the Gamma3 Operative Technique up to the chapter...

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Operative Technique Assembling of the Fragment Control Clip on the Targeting Device Assemble the Fragment Control Clip, with the open Lever Arm onto the inserted Lag Screw Guide Sleeve and then on to the Targeting arm (Figure 2). A snap is felt, if the Fragment Control Clip is placed correctly onto the Lag Screw Guide Sleeve. Make sure that the Fragment Control Clip is positioned in close contact to the Targeting Arm (Figure 2). Close the Lever Arm completely to stabilize the Fragment Control Clip. Resistance is felt, if the Lever Arm is in its nal position. Figure 2 Inserting of the...

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Operative Technique Opening of the lateral cortex Using the white coded centre tipped drill 3.0mm × 300mm, the lateral cortex should be carefully opened by using a power tool (Figure 4). K-wire insertion The white coded 3.0mm x 300mm drill is then replaced by the 3.2mm x 450mm K-wire. Using the Guide Wire Handle, the K-wire should be placed as close as possible to the subchondral bone of the femoral head, to allow maximum stabilization of the headneck fragment (Figure 5). Lag Screw Insertion and Lag Screw Fixation After proper fracture fragment stabilization, remove the Guide Wire Handle...

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Ordering Information - Instruments REF Fragment Control Clip Fragment Control Sleeve Drill 3.0mm x 300mm, AO small, sterile, white coded Fragment Control Clip Lateral View Fragment Control Clip Frontal View Fragment Control Sleeve Drill 3.0mm x 300mm, AO small, sterile, white coded This publication sets forth detailed recommended procedures for using Stryker Trauma devices and instruments. It offers guidance that you should heed, but, as with any such technical guide, each surgeon must consider the particular needs of each patient and make appropriate adjustments when and as required. A...

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Trauma, Extremities & Deformities Trauma, Extremities & Deformities Surgical Products Surgical Products Stryker Trauma GmbH Prof.-Küntscher-Straße 1-5 D-24232 Schönkirchen Germany The information presented in this brochure is intended to demonstrate a Stryker product. Always refer to the package insert, product label and/or user instructions before using any Stryker product. Surgeons must always rely on their own clinical judgment when deciding which products and techniques to use with their patients. Products may not be available in all markets. Product...

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