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Revolution - 1

Revolution Cement Mixing System The latest advanced cartridge mixing and delivery system

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Revolution - 2

Cement Mixing & Delivery System Universal Mixing and Delivery The Revolution is the most advanced cement mixing and delivery system. This simple, universal mixer quickly and consistently mixes up to three batches of ANY type of bone cement safely and conveniently. The result is ONE part number for all cement needs. Simplicity Matters The Revolution requires fewer steps to load, mix, and transfer cement. The rotary handpiece reduces variability and results in consistent mix times, while the built-in charcoal filter reduces harmful fumes. Revolution Cement Mixing System 0606-553-000 Results...

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Revolution - 3

Features The Revolution is designed for use with a rotary handpiece. The rotary handpiece quickly and consistently provides a superior mix every time, reducing many of the variables that can negatively impact mix quality. Cement Injection Gun The dual speed cement injection gun provides unsurpassed convenience and power, allowing the user to easily inject high viscosity or late injection cements. The cradle simplifies cartridge loading and increases strength. Pre-Packaged Kits The Revolution Cement Mixing System is offered in several kit configurations, including the following: Total Knee...

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Revolution - 4

Nozzles & Accessories The revolution line-up includes a large selection of nozzles for accurate placement of cement, even in difficult to access areas. 0606-514-000 65˚ Posterior Femoral Nozzle 0206-566-000 Advanced Femoral Pressurizer, Medium 0606-518-000 Cancellous Nozzle w/ Tibial Pressurizer Tip A new, anatomically correct femoral pressurizer design ensures maximum cement intrusion into bone interstices. 0606-512-000 Breakaway Femoral Nozzle 0606-515-000 Thin Flexible Nozzle

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Revolution - 5

Step-by-Step Instructions Connect nitrogen source to vacuum pump. Set nitrogen pressure to 70-100 psi. WARNING: Do not operate pump outside the recommended pressure range. Attach the vacuum tube to the lid assembly on the cartridge, and then attach the vacuum tube to the vacuum pump. Apply vacuum pressure until the gauge reads 20-22 in Hg. Pour bone cement powder and liquid monomer into the cartridge following the bone cement manufacturer’s protocol. NOTE: If three batches of Simplex® P Cement are to be used, the order of loading must alternate between powder and liquid for each batch....

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Revolution - 6

Joint Replacements Trauma Spine Micro Implants Orthobiologics Instruments Interventional Pain Navigation Endoscopy Communications Imaging Patient Handling Equipment For more information, contact your local Stryker Sales Representative.

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