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Safe. Simple. Secure.

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Connected and confident care iBed Wireless iBed Wireless, available on Stryker’s S3 MedSurg Bed and InTouch Critical Care Bed, is compatible with many information management systems, allowing your facility to build a custom end solution. This gives caregivers the ability to help provide advanced fall prevention*, asset managementand documentation from the bedside.2 Advanced fall prevention2* Caregivers can take a more proactive approach to help prevent patient falls with an enhanced ability to monitor risk and the tools necessary to respond in a timely manner. Asset management2 Improve...

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S3 MedSurg Bed - 3

Signature Series The S3 Signature Series Bed can be ordered with wood laminate inserts and customized insignia, logo or award images to support the identity of your healthcare organization. The design, with soft, friendly edges, offers an aesthetic that enhances the image of any hospital. Visit to customize your S3 Signature Series bed today. Customize your S3 by using your hospital or unit’s logo Wood laminate inserts Improve efficiency Open architecture Our open architecture platform gives you clinical and financial flexibility to choose any support surface for the bed....

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S3 MedSurg Bed - 4

Protecting caregivers Our commitment to prevention includes both patients and caregivers. Our exclusive BackSmart design makes tasks safe and easy. Controls are more accessible. Bending and pulling motions are minimized. Exclusive two position siderails and StayPut technology may help to reduce the risk of stress injuries to the caregiver. The S3 is the standard of care. Siderails The S3 siderails provide an intermediate support position to assist and encourage the patient during bed entry and exit. This may help reduce the risk of caregiver and patient injury. StayPut Bed Frame Technology...

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S3 MedSurg Bed - 5

Protecting patients Chaperone Bed Exit System Our Chaperone Bed Exit System with Zone Control senses the patient’s center of gravity with an accurate three-zone system and activates an alert locally and remotely when a patient attempts to move out of the preset zone. Chaperone helps to prevent falls and reduce false alarms. 2 We also provide a comprehensive fall prevention educational program as part of the Chaperone Bed Exit System. The result is enhanced outcomes and lower costs. 2. When used in conjunction with nursing best practices and/or a fall prevention program. Zone one The largest...

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S3 MedSurg Bed - 6

Preventing adverse events The acceptable number of adverse events in your facility is zero. With the right technology and processes in place, potential adverse events may be prevented. The S3 bed delivers intuitive, advanced technology and backs it with programs and processes that help enable you to minimize the risk of never events while providing a higher quality of care safely, conveniently and consistently. NS Nurse Safety iBed Connectivity Siderails are BackSmart requiring only one-hand operation. An intermediate support position assists the patient during bed entry and exit may help...

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S3 MedSurg Bed - 7

iBed Awareness When armed, iBed Awareness monitors local bed status information, alerting caregivers visually, audibly or remotely if preset parameters are compromised. Basic controls are located on the siderails, with advanced caregiver controls on the footboard, away from patients’ reach and bedside clutter. One-touch scale allows accurate,3 repeatable readings with the patient or bed in any position. 3. Scale accuracy can be found in Operations Manual. Chaperone Bed Exit System A center of gravity based system constantly tracks the patient’s position and alerts caregivers (locally or...

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S3 MedSurg Bed - 8

Customer Support Services Technical Support Our Technical Support comprises a team of professionals available to help with your S3 needs. Contact via phone at 1 800 STRYKER or email at Stryker’s ProCare Services Every day, you count on your medical equipment to perform at its best. With ProCare Services, our people help to ensure your equipment is ready to perform when it’s needed and make it easier to get the most from your investment. When an issue arises, we promise that we’ll solve it — performing repairs quickly and correctly. ProCare isn’t just a...

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