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Universal Neuro III


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Universal Neuro III - 1

Universal Neuro 1.5mm Cranial Fixation System

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Universal Neuro III - 2

Renowned Quality, Lasting Innovation Our products are derived from a close working partnership with surgeons, physicians and healthcare experts from the spectrum of the healthcare field. That partnership has been the basis of our success for nearly eight decades and will continue to foster growth into the future. Stryker is one of the preeminent medical products and service companies in the world. Our focus is on the fundamentals and a relentless attention to details of not just design and manufacture, but also of application and outcomes. The output of our work supports the skills and...

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Universal Neuro III - 3

Products embodying innovation and superior quality have been the foundation of the Stryker reputation.

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Universal Neuro III - 4

Universal Neuro III Universal Neuro III Module The Universal Neuro III Module neatly contains a comprehensive selection of skull base plates, low-profile plates, dynamic mesh, screws, and the instrumentation needed to fixate cranial bone flaps. Unique Features: • Addition of specialized plates to reconstruct difficult skull base approaches with minimal plate modification • Optimized self-drilling screws with addition of 3mm option • Unique burr hole cover design with added fixation hole and dynamic bar for ease of contouring • 20% thinner plates* with deeper countersink, broader bars, and...

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Universal Neuro III - 5

Skull Base Plates The addition of dedicated skull base plates may make reconstruction of unique cranial approaches quicker and more efficient through minimal plate modification. Unique Features • • • • Low profile 0.3mm construct for minimal implant palpability Multiple thickness and size options to match unique patient needs Closed outer frame design offers enhanced stability Multiple fixation holes, including long holes within center of plates, for added rigidity Technology and Innovations Lower Profile Plates Instrumentation • Ergonomically shaped screwdriver handle and newly designed...

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Universal Neuro III - 6

Storage Options Universal Neuro III System: Sterilization Containers The Universal Neuro III System features Half (not shown), Combined and Quarter size sterilization containers to accommodate a wide variety of options for your specific Neurosurgical needs. Quarter Size Sterilization Container Combined Size Sterilization Container QuikDrive mini Sterilization Container Dynamic Mesh Micro Mesh Dynamic Mesh has optimized properties to facilitate controlled, three-dimensional contouring while maintaining adequate rigidity for bone defects of varied size and location. Dynamic Mesh can be shaped...

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Universal Neuro III - 7

Our products are derived from a close working partnership with surgeons, physicians and healthcare experts from the entire spectrum of the healthcare field.

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Universal Neuro III - 8

Low Profile Burr Hole Covers (Order Qty: Pkg of 1) 53-34507 Burr Hole Cover, 7mm, w/ Tab 53-34510 Burr Hole Cover, 10mm, w/ Tab 53-34514 Burr Hole Cover, 14mm, w/ Tab 53-34520 Burr Hole Cover, 20mm, w/ Tab 53-34524 Burr Hole Cover, 24mm, w/ Tab 53-34614 Shunt Burr Hole Cover, 14mm, w/ Tab 53-34620 Shunt Burr Hole Cover, 20mm, w/ Tab Ordering Information 1.5mm Neuro Plates/Mesh Product No. Description Low Profile Plates (Order Qty: Pkg of 1) 53-34804 Straight Plate, 8-Hole 53-34164 Straight Plate, 16-Hole 53-34406 Straight Plate, 4-Hole w/ Bar 53-36212 Dog-Bone Plate, 2-Hole Rigid (0.6mm),...

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Universal Neuro III - 9

Complementary Products Leibinger Instruments Drawing on more than a century of experience in manufacturing high-quality surgical instruments, Leibinger instruments are made precisely for craniomaxillofacial surgery. Features • Precision manufacturing process • Easy handling ergonomic design • Excellent balance • Exceptional finish to exacting standards HydroSet HydroSet is an injectable, fast-setting, osteoconductive hydroxyapatite (HA) bone substitute. It is designed to set under normal body wet-field conditions and produces hydroxyapatite as the final product. Applications • Repair of bony...

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Universal Neuro III - 10

Reconstructive Hips Knees Trauma & Extremities Joint Preservation Orthobiologics Medical & Surgical Power Tools & Surgical Accessories Image Guided Navigation Endoscopy & Arthroscopy Integrated Communications Beds, Stretchers & EMS Sustainability Solutions Neurotechnology & Spine Craniomaxillofacial Interventional Spine Neurosurgical, Spine & ENT Neurovascular Spinal Implants A surgeon must always rely on his or her own professional clinical judgment when deciding whether to use a particular product when treating a particular patient. Stryker does not dispense medical advice and recommends...

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