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M.9 Vacuum

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Mechanical Pressure Switches sehctiwS erusserP lacinahceM

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Vacuum switches for negative pressure from 950 mbar to 100 mbar Switching point can be adjusted when fitted on site1) High overpressure resistance Long service life even under harsh conditions 0150 series available as changeover contacts up to 250 V 0151 series available as NC or NO up to 42 V Pressure switches can also be supplied preset at factory. Our preset switches are sealed with lacquer paint, set points are embossed on the h

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0150 Electrical values (also refer to page 14 for technical explanations)

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M.9Vacuum 0150 Vacuum switch up to 250 V with changeover contact • Aluminium housing • Operating voltage up to 250 V • Changeover with silver contacts • Overpressure safety up to 20 bar1) • Socket device similar to DIN EN 175301 (DIN 43650) • Hysteresis approx. 50 - 150 mbar (cannot be changed) Order number Seal material - Application areas Air, oils, greases, fuel/gasoline Your order number: 88 11 Static value. Dynamic value is 30-50 % lower. Values pertain to the hydraulic/pneumatic part of the pressure switch.

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Brass housing Spade or M3 screw terminal Adjustment range in mbar (relative) M3 screw Tolerance at room Thread temperature in mbar 0151 Vacuum switches with M3 screw terminal 351) 0151 Vacuum switches with spade terminal 351) NC —› :| 0151 - 455 15 - 3 - 001 Seal material – Application areas FKM Air, oils, greases, fuel/gasoline Your order number: Comparison of absolute/relative pressures absolute pressure Switches are also available on request with outer thread or integrated connector. normal zero (~ 1 bar absolute) vacuum / overpressure 0 – -1 bar Note: Required set points in the vacuum...

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Technical explanations for mechanical pressure switches Diaphragm pressure switch NO Piston pressure switch NC What is a mechanical pressure switch? Mechanical pressure switches from SUCO monitor the pressure of liquid or gaseous media, and close or open an electrical circuit on reaching a set threshold. Diaphragm pressure switches SUCO diaphragm pressure switches are used in pressure ranges from 0.1 bar to 100 bar, meaning overpressure safety of 35, 100, 300 and 600 bar, depending on the used diaphragm type. Piston pressure switches Pressure ranges from 10 bar to 400 bar can be monitored...

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Classification of electrical switch functions Contact form DIN EN60947-5-1 SPST single pole, single throw SPST single pole, single throw Changeover contacts CO, change over (snap action) SPDT single pole, double throw The switching point (for rising pressure) and hysteresis increase, whilst the switch-back point (for falling pressure) sinks. Also, the effect of the maximum (system) pressure on the switchback point (for falling pressure ramp) must be factored in for tolerance-critical applications. The higher the (system) pressure, the lower the resulting switch-back value. Potential-free –...

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Technical explanations for mechanical pressure switches Hysteresis can be set at SUCO in range from approx. 10 % (at end of adjustment range) to 30 % or higher (at start of adjustment range), related to the respective switching point for hex 27 and 30 A/F pressure switches with adjustable hysteresis. The specifications in the catalogue only represent typical average values. Please ask about the possible setting ranges you may require. Our electronic pressure switches are excellently suited to extremely low or high hysteresis. The lowest possible hysteresis is set if nothing is specified in...

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Conversion table for pressure units Water applications Standard piston switches are not suitable for water applications. Pressure switches in stainless steel with EPDM seal have a special sealing system and can therefore also be used for water with corrosion protection, water mixtures or emulsions. The use of other fluid mixtures should be clarified with SUCO (e.g. swelling of EPDM sealing could happen by water - oil mixture). Pressure switches with stainless ste^ housings with EPDM-TW diaphragm, SUCO type „5" are designed for the use of drinking water. Gas applications Our pressure...

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General technical explanations User information Our pressure monitoring products may only be installed and started up by authorised specialists. The safety regulations of country-specific authorities must be observed, especially when working with mains voltages and oxygen, and in potentially explosive areas. Product information The technical information in this catalogue is based upon fundamental testing during product development and empirical values. The information cannot be used for all application scenarios. Testing of the suitability of our products for a specific application (such as...

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RoHSII compliant Values 30% lower than in the table above must be used for brass housings. Gaseous applications In particular using additional sealant to attain the required leak tightness may be necessary for gas applications. Vacuum The values given in the technical details for the vacuum range are specified in millibars (mbar) below atmospheric pressure. Pressure change rate (~rise / ~fall) The pressure change rate denotes the pressure over time for the rising/falling pressure. The pressure change rate is specified in bar/s or bar/ms. The maximum pressure change rate for SUCO mechanical...

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