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Pressure Monitoring 2019

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SUCO Pressure Monitoring Mechanical Pressure Switches Electronic Pressure Switches Pressure Transmitters Sensor Technology

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Welcome to SUCOWhat you'll see on the following pages:SUCO SUCO - A leading specialist in pressure monitoring    Page    2 SUCO - A success story    Page    4 SUCO - Prepared for the future    Page    6 General technical explanations    Page    8 Overview of mechanical pressure switches Special technical explanations Selection Matrix - Choose your mechanical pressure switch Product descriptions and order numbers ELECTRONIC PRESSURE SWITCHES Overview of electronic pressure switches Special technical explanations Selection Matrix - Choose your electronic pressure switch Product descriptions...

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SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG A pressure monitoring specialist setting standards on the global stage SUCO Robert Scheuffele GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1938 and has established itself across the globe under the trade name SUCO. The two main product groups, pressure monitoring (mechanical pressure switches, vacuum switches, electronic pressure switches and pressure transmitters) and transmission technology (centrifugal clutches and brakes, electromagnetic clutches and brakes), as well as descent devices with centrifugal technology, are developed, designed and manufactured at the...

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SUCO – A success story From a mechanical workshop to an industrial company operating on the global stage Start of production of centrifugal clutches and brakes Robert Scheuffele starts up a mechanics workshop Start of the partnership between Robert Scheuffele and Georg Fuhrmann Registration of trade name SUCO with worldwide trademark protection 1960 Start of production of mechanical pressure switches for the automotive industry Move into the new premises in Bietigheim-Bissingen, Keplerstrasse (still headquarter today) A view into production Administration building, Bietigheim-Bissingen Aerial...

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1984 Development of the hex 27 pressure switch series for broad industrial applications 1979 Further development of SUCO pressure switches especially for hydraulic and pneumatic applications Start of production of electromagnet clutches and brakes Broadening of the product range to include custom pre-wired pressure switches Strategic alignment to the industry Set-up of a pan-European sales network 1980 Development of the hex 24 pressure switch series for broad industrial applications SUCO VSE France Le Mans, France 1993 Development of pressure dampers for ABS brake systems in the automotive...

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Tradition and Innovation The preservation of proven traditions and continuous efforts in innovation enable visions to become successful reality Design and development of new products using the latest CAD tools. Assembly and test of pressure switches on semi and fully automated installations. Products are subjected to comprehensive testing and measurements to simulate realistic ambient conditions and loads. Fully automated switching point adjustment with computer-aided documentation of readings.

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Ultra-modern production facilities with integrated, fully automated component handling for high efficiency. Encapsulating system for custom ready-wired pressure switches for strictest requirements of IP protection class. State of the art measuring and test methods for assembly and alignment of our electronic products. Product final inspection with ultra-modern computer- aided test systems.

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General technical explanations User information Our pressure monitoring products may only be installed and started up by authorised specialists. The safety regulations of country-specific authorities must be observed, especially when working with mains voltages and oxygen, and in potentially explosive areas. Product information The technical information in this catalogue is based upon fundamental testing during product development and empirical values. The information cannot be used for all application scenarios. Testing of the suitability of our products for a specific application (such as...

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RoHSII compliant Values 30% lower than in the table above must be used for brass housings. Gaseous applications In particular using additional sealant to attain the required leak tightness may be necessary for gas applications. Vacuum The values given in the technical details for the vacuum range are specified in millibars (mbar) below atmospheric pressure. Pressure change rate (~rise / ~fall) The pressure change rate denotes the pressure over time for the rising/falling pressure. The pressure change rate is specified in bar/s or bar/ms. The maximum pressure change rate for SUCO mechanical...

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Mechanical Pressure Switches sehctiwS erusserP lacinahceM

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M. Overview of mechanical pressure switchesTechnical explanations for mechanical pressure switches    from page 14 Selection matrix Help in selecting a suitable pressure switch    from page 18 NC/NO, hex 24 • Max. voltage up to 42 V • Switching points: 0.1 - 150 bar or vacuum • IP protection up to IP67 (IP6K9K) • Available connectors: Deutsch DT04-2P, AMP Superseal 1.5®, Packard MetriPack 280®, Deutsch DT04-3P, AMP Junior Timer®, Bayonet DIN 72585 A1-2.1, M12x1 DIN EN 61076-2-D • Housing materials: zinc-plated steel (CrVl-free), stainless steel or brass • Types: 0110, 0111, 0112, 0113,...

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Ready-wired pressure switches, cabled and encapsulated individually to customer requirements • Numerous cable and connector variants • IP protection up to IP67 (IP6K9K) • Housing materials: zinc-plated steel (CrVl-free), stainless steel or brass • Types: 02XX, special feature: 0240/0241 – switching point adjustable on site even after assembly • Technical characteristics for hex 24: see chapter M.3 • Technical characteristics for hex 27: see chapter M.4 „PLUS“ – Pressure switches with integrated connector and intelligent supplementary functions, hex 24 Max. voltage dependent on custom...

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