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Product Overview 2018

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SUCO Product Overview Pressure Monitoring & Transmission Technology Mechanical Pressure Switches Electronic Pressure Switches Pressure Transmitters Electronic Pressure Sensors Transmission Technology

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Mechanical Pressure Switches Pressure Switches with integrated connectors • NO / NC / Changeover • IP67 (up to IP6K9K) • Robust, compact design • Various connector versions available • Highest efficiency by plug & control connectors • Switching point can be set on site Pressure Switches hex 24 • NO / NC, max. 42 V • Variable pressure ranges between 0.1 - 150 bar • Overpressure safety up to 600 bar • Cost-effective solution in many different variants • Robust, compact design • Set point adjustable on site • Proven pressure switches with changeover contacts up to 250 V • Variable pressure...

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Mechanical Pressure Switches Vacuum Pressure Switches • Easy to adjust vacuum switches with outstanding overpressure safety • Available as NO, NC or changeover contacts • Set point adjustable from 100 - 950 mbar (vacuum) • Very long service life Accessories • Protective caps, socket devices and thread / aluminium adapters • Ready wired mating connectors • Other options and customised versions available on request Pressure Transmitters 060X Performance series • Very attractively priced transmitters for pressure ranges up to 250 bar • 2x overpressure protection • Small, compact transmitters...

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Electronic Pressure Switches 050X / 051X Performance series • Small, compact & very attractively priced electronic pressure switches for pressure ranges up to 250 bar Particularly for high volume deployment • High level of adaptability to your requirements (custom solutions) • 2x overpressure protection • Hysteresis adjustable between 3 % - 98 % set at factory • Ceramic sensor in thick film technology • Housing made of stainless steel (1.4305), others on request Precise electronic pressure switch for pressure ranges up to 250 bar Ceramic measuring cell Hysteresis adjustable between 2 % - 95...

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Electronic Pressure Sensors HI20XX High-Precision Pressure Transducer      Accuracy ±0.1 % of span BFSL With Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology (SoS) Pressure ranges from 0 – 500 mbar to 0 – 1.500 bar Zero-Offset and full scale (FS) adjustable by customer Options include ATEX versions Electronic Pressure Sensors Piezoresistive silicon sensor Pressure ranges from 0 – 50 mbar to 0 – 500 mbar For very low pressure ranges with highest accuracy Available in all typical output signals Zero-Offset and full scale (FS) adjustable by customer HI22XX / PR3860 High Temperature Pressure...

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Transmission Technology Centrifugal Clutches SUCO centrifugal brakes automatically limit the maximum RPM of a shaft, so providing protection against over speed, without necessiting external controls. SUCO can provide ‚specials‘ based on their modular range of brakes. SUCO centrifugal brakes are very compact which facilitates inclusion in new transmission designs and ‚Retro fitting‘ (e.g. between motor and gearbox). They are almost maintenance free and can be sized to work as an emergency brake or for continuous use. (e.g. personnel descent control). Transmission Technology Centrifugal Brakes...

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