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General Product Catalogue - 1

Sterilization Washer Medical PSA Oxygen General Surgery Warming Blood Bank Stainless Devices Disinfectors Generator Operation Tables Cabinets Refrigerators Hospital Equipments

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General Product Catalogue - 3

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General Product Catalogue - 5

CONTENTS Corporation Sterilization Devices Washer Disinfectors Ultrasonic Cleaner Automatic Cutting & Sealing Device Medical PSA Oxygen Generator General Surgery Operation Tables Warming Cabinets Neonatal Products I. Mother Milk Refrigerators II. Mother Milk Freezers III. Mother Milk Refrigerator and Freezers IV. Baby Bottle Heater VI. Baby Bottle and Injector Heater Blood Bank Refrigerators Stainless Hospital Equipments

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General Product Catalogue - 6

About us Sümer A.Ş. was established in 1981 in Ankara to proved services in the medical device sector. It has aimed advancement since the day of its establishment by also taking growth and compliance with the contemporary technologies and protecting the environmental conditions. Our manufacturing takes place in an area of 25.000 m2 in Ankara Organized Industrial Zone. Our Firm is following the innovations in its sector and in abroad through its research and development unit and its application staff with a strong infrastructure of engineers, and is continuing to produce devices it had...

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General Product Catalogue - 7

To make the Sumer brand a global brand to make our Firm remembered first in the sector. Our Mission Our main task is to create designs with competition power in the global sense by taking the priorities of the sector into consideration and being respectful to the environment and people and giving the first priority to the wishes and expectations of customers, and also to produce innovative technological medical products by meeting all the national and international legal requirements. Our Basic Values ™ We are bound up with the Medical Ethical Rules, ™ We are people-oriented, ™ We respect...

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General Product Catalogue - 9

STERILIZATION DEVICESWSZUTEST kiwa NdlFlED 3 U t 2 I ^ i Partner for progress

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General Product Catalogue - 10

I. Central Sterilization Units Our Firm implements turn-key sterilization projects designed by taking the hospital sizes into consideration, and gives services for the installation and commissioning of turn-key Central Sterilization Units. “It is essential for Central Sterilization Units (CSU) to eliminate the microorganisms existing in hospitals." Sumer A.§. offers the following turn-key services for you, our valuable customers, in relation with the Central Stelization Units; — Design, ™ Central construction, — Installation of products, ™ Commissioning, Control and similar. Sterilization...

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General Product Catalogue - 11

Sterilization Process DECONTAMINATION STERILIZATION DISINFECTION VALIDATION Sterilization must not be taken as a simple procedure; it must be considered as providing new materials suitable for medical purposes, or a process of novel production. STERILIZATION DEVICES

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General Product Catalogue - 12

ADELA-OT series II. Prismatic Steam Sterilizer General Characteristics Control System Operation Mod Screen Type Screen Size Keypad Printer Remote Control and Communication Warning Sytem Data Storage Monitoring Mobility Steam Generator PLC CPU Fully Automatic / Button Command Multi-Color TFT, LCD Touch Screen 7,0” (10,0” optional) Touch Screen 40 Character /Line , Thermal Printer RS 232 Port / USB , Ethernet (optional) Visual & Audio & Printed Up to 200 Cycles Touch Screen, Anaolgue Gauges for Chamber, Jacket, Generator and Air Pressure (Manometer) 4 Easy positioning on 4 swivel castors and...

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General Product Catalogue - 13

Protects operator from electrical current leaks. Short circuit protection. Safety valve. Hepa filter for air filtration. Water level control via buoy in generator. Pneumatic Valves for precise exhausting. Leak test. Password protection. Sensors against obstructions on the doors pathway. Doors locks under pressure. Emergency stop button. Unable to open both doors at once double door models. Relevant Directives and Standards Medical Device Directive Medical Device Class Low Voltage Directive EMC Directive Pressure Equipments Directive Steam Sterilizer Directive Quality Mangement System...

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General Product Catalogue - 14


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General Product Catalogue - 15 STERILIZATION DEVICES 13

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General Product Catalogue - 16

INSTALLATION CONDITIONS: At least 60 cm. space is needed on both lateral sides of the device to provide an effective technical service. Exhaust fan or ventilation funnel needs to be placed above the device for an effective evacuation of heat. STERILIZATION DEVICES

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General Product Catalogue - 17

Technical Data Sheet Sumer JACKET * CRES: Anti Corrosive Stainless Steel ENERGY CONSUMPTION STERILIZATION DEVICES 15

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General Product Catalogue - 18

III. Laboratory Type Vertical And Horizontal Steam Sterilizer Adela range provides a single solution for the multiples sterilization needs on laboratories including instruments, hollowware elements, glassware and other laboratory items that need a final drying to avoid contamination. Load has to be placed into the vessel’s baskets and after automatic filling with distilled water, device starts to heat up and purge until set temperature is reached. In case of solid objects, discharge is automatically Operating Principal Vertical and table-top range provides a single solution for the...

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General Product Catalogue - 19

Pre-vacuum and Filling Stage Heating Stage Sterilization Control Cooling and Drying Stage Security 2014/35/EU 2014/30/EU 2014/68/EU Integrated vacuum pump for initial pre-vacuum and subsequent automatic water filling. Fast saturated steam production by means of powerful heating elements. A PT-100 temperature probe controls the chamber temperature, with the possibility of installing another flexible PT-100 temperature probe for liquid programs. In solid program, discharge is automatically forced during cooling stage to reduce the cycle time. Then, integrated heating jacket together with...

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General Product Catalogue - 20


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General Product Catalogue - 21

IV. Prismatic Steam Sterilizer This is produced for the sterilization of surgical and wound dressing tools, plastic and glass materials and bottled fluids by trained, certificated and officially assigned hospital staff. General Characteristics Control System Way of use Screen Type Screen Dimensions Keypad Printer Communication Warning system Data Storage Procedure follow-up/tracing Motility Vapor control PLC processor Full automatic / buttons and touch screen Color TFT, Touch LCD 7,0” (10,0” Optional) Touch Screen 40 Characters / lines, integrated thermal printer RS232 /485 Port - USB...

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