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Medical Device Hitech ANGUIS™Guidewire The Anguis guidewire is designed to direct a catheter to the desired anatomical location in the peripheral vasculature during diagnostic or interventional procedures. This product is manufactured from nitinol alloy and is coated with hydrophilic, when wet, a hydrophilic coating increases the lubricity of the guide wire surface. . The Anguis guidewire is a steerable guide wire available in 45 to 300cm lengths. ^ They are offered in many different configurations that include: sizes (lengths and diameters), tip designs. Guidewire length, diameter, core configuration, and tip configuration are all indicated on the product label. POINT 01 Hydrophilic coating -Durability and lubricity POINT 02 Nitinol core wire -Precise torque control -Improved kink resistance -Clear visualization POINT 03 Wide range of diameter Various tip shape Product Characteristics • Elastic Nitinol core wire-improved torque control(1:1 ratio), prevent kinking for an easier and faster catheter placement, excellent shape memory, greater flexibility. • Hydrophilic coating-Smooth navigation through catheter & vessels and good durability. • Disital shape can be customized. • The flexibility of the tapered part can be chosen. General Specifications

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ANGUIS HAIR GUIDE WIRE ANGUIS MICRO GUIDE WIRE Double Angled ■ Outer Diameter (mm)0.014” Model NO. Tip Shape (A = Angled, AA = Double Angled, 15J = 1.5J , 2J = 2J, 3J = 3J, B = Beak, S = Straight) SUNGJIN #314, B dong, 142-10, Saneop-ro 156beon-gil, Gwonseon-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea Rep. Medical Device Hitech T +82-31-235-0301 F +82-31-235-0308 E

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